Visiting Prague

Prague, a place where the beer flows like water and is almost always dangerously cheap is one of the most bustling and buzzing cities on the planet. The current astounding appearance of Prague is gleaming with software company offices, scads of skinny model types gliding in and out and mushrooms of glitzy fashion shops - all of these squeezed to fit among the fabulously restored Baroque architecture and cobbled lanes of Old Town. Prague ranks the 6th most visited city in the Europe and more than 4.1 million visitors’ flock to Prague annually. 

At a glance over the skyline, you will see countless splendid views of the lovely domed churches and soaring old towers that consort together to make Prague one of the top rated attractions in Europe for its architectural gems. Any direction you look towards, you will witness fine examples of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau styles creating the perfect mish-mash for a city backdrop.

You can’t afford to miss the famous Charles Bridge over the Vltava River, the Jewish Quarter with its old synagogues and many other splendid historic churches. Being one of the largest cities of Europe, Prague is also a political, cultural, and commercially important center. Did you know that for centuries Prague has played the part of the capital of the Holy Roman Empire?

The capital of the Czech Republic is neither extremely cold in the winter, nor does it burn your skin in the summer, so any time you plan on visiting Prague is pretty much a good time. If you ask any local they’ll tell you that the best time to visit is probably during spring and the fall when the weather is still quite mild and the tourists have yet to start herding towards the city. In winter the city get rather chilly, and so it is the warmer summer months that the city witnesses the largest influx of tourists so if you’re inclined to visit Prague without any intention to push through crowds of fellow sightseers, plan a winter trip. The city tends to see a fair amount of snow with highs barely reaching the mid 30s, thus making it quite the picturesque location so you’ll be taking some great pictures if you visit this time of year too. 

If you decide to visit Prague in summer, make sure you book your hotel early on as finding great accommodation close to the center could prove quite difficult. The cafes and restaurants in Prague have also got their own charm where a lot of traditional Czech food is on offer. If you’re a meat eater then this place is pretty much heaven as the Czech cuisine is rather heavy on meat and carbs and you will find yourself walking past a restaurant every couple of minutes. The dishes of choice seem to be heaping plates of goulash and dumplings, bowls of sausage in dark beer sauce or carving boards bearing obscenely large pork knuckles. However like any major city of the world, you will also find an international array of choices including Indian, Thai, Greek, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and even Afghan cuisines, with Veggie options also abundant.