Coastal Resorts in Turkey

From the amusing coastline to the mosques and Istanbul's bazaar, Turkey is awash with natural beauty, culture and outstanding history that has saw a number of tourists visiting some of its major cities. Turkey is a gateway between the east and the west and is bordered by eight different countries. Its capital city, Istanbul is a mixture of eastern and western cultures with a number of mystical bazaars, mosques, restaurants and bars.

While you are planning to have a visit to Istanbul and turkey, here are a number of beach resorts and villas where you can spend your holiday.

Here are three coastal resorts in which to spend your holidays in Turkey

Barut Lara Resort

This is one of Turkey's best beach resorts which have been showcased in a fantastic setting of ocean view and green gardens. Guests are also accorded a chance to lounge by the beach, indoor swimming, outdoor pools which is been provided with a Turkish bath. 


This resort also provides spa and wellness treatments to rejuvenate your body and soul. Skin care, Body care, Massages and special kind of the wellness treatments are available in this resort. It also has a fully equipped gym rooms for the active guests who like aerobics.

This resort offers authentic flavors of Mediterranean cuisines, famous Anatolian dishes and renowned international flavors are offered in this resort.

D-Hotel Maris

This resort has been founded in the year 1951. At present, this is one of the leading resorts in attracting the tourists in Turkey. This is one of the greatest places in the country to go for snorkeling and scuba diving. It also has a number of pools that are overlooking the beach. It's situated near a number of hiking and hiking trails which adds more flavor to the visit, especially for the landlubbers. Its guest rooms are air-conditioned and tastefully painted as well as equipped with large safes that can hold laptops. The guests can also access free Wi-Fi anywhere within the resort.

This resort is also famous for the well-known spa treatments. The spa treatments in this resort are been provided by the award winning skin care range by ESPA. The spa facilities include in this resort is sauna and steam room, ice fountains, individual scrub rooms, relaxation areas etc. Apart from the spa facilities, this resort consists of the

  • Bodyism program

Bodysim is a program that transforms the bodies of the people around the world. It believes in creating long, lean, healthy and athletic bodies. The core to the Bodyism program is the clean and lean approach to the total well-being.

  • Teenage Club

The resort provides video games, various teenage games, workshop activities, mountain biking, watersport activities, fishing, table tennis, movie broad casting, air activities etc.

  • Yachting

Yacht tours are been planned by the resort organizers to the nearby Virgin Islands, around beautiful bays, trips to nearby located villages and cities.

Apart from the above, the resort also provides the fitness center, tennis court, watersports and beaches and pools.

Delphin Diva Premiere

Located Just 9 miles from Antalya, this resort is close to Antalium Premium Mall and Lara Beach. This resort features all inclusive onsite property meals and beverages at onsite restaurants and bars. This resort also offers a variety of recreational, fun and entertainment activities. This resort also offers a wide range of activities such as frolicking, swimming pool that has its own water slide. All these have been designed just for its guests. It also has a bowling alley and a tennis court for the guests who like sporting a lot.

Besides that, this resort also provides an indoor pool, a health club and a spa treatment section, seasonal outdoor pool, a children’s pool and a night club. Wireless Internet access, Onsite parking and a free breakfast for its guest are additional benefits that are been offered by the resort to its guest. Its rooms have private balconies where one can have a view of the ocean. The park is also equipped with a private parking where guests can safely park their cars.

These are the list of the coastal Holiday resorts in the Turkey for the stay in the Turkey during your visit. Before going for a visit to the Turkey, it’s better to apply for the turkey visas for a comfortable stay in Turkey. If you do not have one, please apply for it.

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