Going to...Gothenburg in Sweden

The fun, friendly city of Gothenburg is an excellent way to get to know Sweden. It’s a clean, vibrant place with plenty to occupy visitors. Gothenburg makes a wonderful place for a weekend city break or as a base from where to discover the rest of the country. Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and home to 500,000 people; along with its cultural centres and typical foods the city provides access to the marvellous islands of the archipelago off Sweden’s western shores. Its island geography and Dutch influenced design gives Gothenburg a Swedish, Amsterdam feel, with lots of island districts, canals and bridges spanning the waterways.

Sweden does not currently use the euro as its currency and has no plans to replace the krona in the near future. Anyone planning a long stay or who takes up employment opportunities in Sweden should consider applying for a flexible international bank account to allow easy transfer of money in different currencies.

Kungsportavenyn, or simply “The Avenue” is a kilometre long street that was built as a result of an architectural competition in 1870 and where you will find the Gotaplatsen with such cultural interests as the Museum of Art and Gotenburg library. 

The avenue stretches all the way to the Kungsportaplasen in the old town centre and also has the Tradgardsforeningen park in the area. This is considered to be the popular entertainment centre and has the highest concentration of pubs and restaurants in Gothenburg.

The Haga, is the picturesque old quarter of Gothenburg and is dominated by old style wooden buildings, chic café bars and boutique shopping. Today it is an area much gentrified, betraying its working class roots. 

Renovation in the 1980’s led to the creation of a slick centre within the heart of the city where once had been a district with a less than savoury reputation.

Gothenburg Botanical Gardens covers 145 hectares of beautifully preserved natural beauty and has been recognised on a number of occasions in the European Most Beautiful Garden Competition. Opened in 1923, it has around 16,000 species of plants and trees and such wonderful sections as the Rhododendron valley and the Japanese Glade. There are also its marvellous greenhouses, which house over 4,000 varieties of rare and exotic plants.

Lisberg Theme Park is the most popular attraction of Gothenburg and is the largest such park in Scandinavia, seeing over 3 million visitors annually walk through its gates. The park is full of thrilling rides like the log flume, Balder wooden rollercoaster and the speedy Lisebergbanan ride.

Island Fortress of Alvsborg is another of Gotenburg’s great attractions, this 17th century fort, situated on the seaward approaches to the city was built to protect the population from the Danes. During the 18th century it was used as a prison and finally fell into disuse and eventually handed over to the people of Gothenburg. Today you can walk its grounds, explore the dungeon and enjoy delicious snacks in the café and lovely views from the ramparts.

Cannes Regates Royales

When it comes to Cannes, few bays in the world enjoy better conditions for sailing; the warm climate, favourable weather conditions and beautiful backdrop in Cannes all provide the perfect setting for the Régates Royales - the last major regatta of the sailing year.

If you're looking for excitement, luxury and sophistication then look no further than the Régates Royales - Cannes is a world class destination in its own right, and this special event offers visitors the chance to see some of the most elegant classic yachts all at once from the comfort of this seaside resort.

The Event

The Régates Royales represents one of the most prestigious fixtures in the entire international regatta calendar each year - now celebrating its 35th year, the event is specially reserved for classic and vintage yachts, and as a result, attracts droves of spectators who come to take part in the action.

Sailors will complete in a number of events throughout the Regates week - from the Dragon race to the prestigious Classic Challenge. The action ends when the boats head off on the liaison race towards Saint Tropez and leave the vibrant shores of Cannes behind to prepare for their winter work.

Where to Watch

If you're coming to Cannes for the regatta, spectating couldn't be easier. Unlike other similar events, it's free to watch from the shore and there are several optimum spots around the bay that offer prime views - making it easier to catch the action because you don't have to be out on the waters. Some top spots are:
  • Le Vieux Port - catch the yachts mooring from here and see them take off in the morning (around 10:30) and return home in the afternoon (around 5:30).
  • Cannes Yacht Club - as the host of this prestigious event, the yacht club is also a great spot to catch some of the action. At the Palm Beach harbour you can sit on the terrace and admire the yachts sailing across the bays - talk about prime location.
  • Les Iles de Lérins - if you fancy a little boating yourself, take a journey to the Lérins islands; if you get there before midday you can watch the passage of the yachts before taking in the sights at your destination.
All over Cannes there will be other events celebrating the regatta throughout the week; you'll be able to enjoy everything from the opening ceremony, cocktail hours, live music and even the big boats painting party. As usual throught the year the nightlife is vibrant and sophisticated - take a stroll right along the Old Harbour which is close to shops, restaurants, beaches, cultural attractions - and not to mention all the action of the regatta.

Where to stay

Many visitors to the regatta choose to avoid the expensive hotels in Cannes during the festivals and regatta and find conveient accomodation along the south coast with Nice only a short drive away.  If you are lucky enough to know any residents of Monaco who enjoy the benefit of offshore banking you should arrange to visit and hope that you join them on board their own yatchs and can sail into the bay to be part of the Regatta

The History

Dating back to 1929, the Régates Royales was first organised to honour king Christian X of Denmark with a week of races where royalty could bring their boats and compete in 6 major races to see who owned the most impressive boat. The history of regattas in Cannes dates even further back - the first event, held for tall ships, was organised by the Société de Régates de Cannes in 1863.

In 1978 the glittering event was relaunched by enthusiasts Jean-Pierre Odéro & Philippe Monnet, and since then has grown from strength to strength, earning its reputation as the September event to for the best skippers in the world.

In 2005 the festival partnered with the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge and has been on the calendar ever since, marking the closing leg of the season. The large number and variety of prestigious boats that come to the Régates Royales as well as its long history make this event an extraordinary festival for participants and spectators alike.

Visiting Granada

Spain is well known for being an ideal holiday destination, with a number of beautiful rural villages that are ideal for tourists, as well as culturally and socially rich cities, so there truly is something for everyone. When it comes to wanting more out of a holiday, be it culture, memories or just a day or two sitting back and relaxing, Granada in the South of Spain is a beautiful place to be. 

Granada is an excellent city to visit to learn about the fantastic multicultural history of Spain, as well as sampling some of the delightful food and drink there is to offer. Plus with warm summers that are not uncomfortably hot due to a lack of humidity, Granada is an ideal location for a holiday in the sun. Although not unbearably hot, you will find that many of the locals will head further south to the coast or will generally retreat indoors during the hottest month of August.

If you are less of the ‘sun and sand’ type tourist, Granada has a lot to offer in the way of culture in Spain. Plus, it is recommended that you traverse Granada on foot, as it is the best way to get the most out of the city, although you may get lost in its many winding streets from time to time. Much of the city is also pedestrianised from some of the bigger plazas to the areas around the cathedral in the centre.

So what is there to see and do in Granada? With a number of local landmarks easily accessible on foot and a range of different foods to try out, there is always something to see to keep you on your toes. Plus with a number of hills dotted in and around the city, you’ll certainly be giving your legs a good work out! Don’t forget that Granada is also gateway to the Sierra Nevada. This amazing ski resort is fabulously unique in its location as under an hour’s drive into the mountains you could be skiing in the winter months and during the summer it’s also under an hour to some of the popular seaside resorts like Nerja.

Regional Food

Take a step into one of the many tiny cafes situated along the narrow streets of Granada and you’ll be able to find a number of delicious authentic foods available on the menu. Granada is particularly well known for its iconic tapas, with locally grown and picked ingredients including delicious spiced tuna tostadas. It’s also one of the few places remaining that will offer free tapas with your drink. Being steeped in rich Arab history the gastronomy in Granada also continues to be influenced by Arab flavours and traditions and there are amazing schwarma and kebab cafes in the middle of the city, the best way to end a long night out in one of the cities many bars!

If you’re lucky you may even find a Cafe atop one of the frequent hills in Granada, selling cheap cold drinks while you enjoy the view of the grandiose city. In general, meals are not that expensive in Granada cafes, so you can enjoy a good sample of the food culture without having to empty out your wallet in the process.

Or if you were a fan of Paella, the La Parrala Paella bar is a well known bar that has a number of good reviews. With specialties for both the locals and the tourists to try, La Parrala encapsulates Granadan culture, with live performances from young flamenco dancers and a large, open spaced restaurant theme that sits up to 70 people.

Sights to See

Granada has a number of historical sites to see with countless small churches and cathedrals dotted around the city and a number of traditional bars and market stalls, although there are some iconic places that will make any trip to Granada worth the journey. Even the different parts of the city are amazing different with the Albaicin and Sacromonte being really being Moorish in the architecture and look of the houses.

The Alhambra

Built specifically for the last Muslim emirs in Spain and famous for its atypical expression of Muslim art when in its final European Stages, a visit to the Alhambra in Granada is not to be missed. It was originally built in 889 and then largely ignored until its rebuild and renovation in the mid 11th century. It fell into disrepair once again until it was rediscovered in the late 19th century and then restored once more. 

The Alhambra contains a theme of ‘paradise on earth’  and since the 19th century it has become an incredibly popular tourist destination and although it remains fairly plain and unassuming on the outside, inside it boasts beautifully sculpted ceilings and walls with a number of running water fountains and reflecting pools that help to emphasize its beauty. The Moorish architecture that is so apparent within the Alhambra is also evident throughout the city giving it a more exotic and Arabic feel.

If you are looking for a perfect location with a great atmosphere, head up the Callejon de San Cecilio, which leads to the Mirador San Nicolas. The Mirador San Nicolas is a lookout which boasts beautiful views of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada across a luscious green valley. Local student life is bustling here, as are buskers and street performers, although keep a close eye on your personal belongings as thieves are known to operate in these areas. However the Mirador San Nicolas is absolutely stunning when visited at night or at sunset, as the views you see looking out are simply terrific.


Originating from Southern Andalusia in the late 17th Century, Flamenco dancing is still a very popular form of entertainment in Granada today. Flamenco developed from a combination of Andalusian and Romani music and styles of dance and was drastically redesigned in the late 19th century, when it began to gain popularity in Spain.

In the recent years flamenco has found world popularity and it is now taught in more academies in Japan than there are in Spain itself.  However for truly beautiful and iconic flamenco dancing, the Casa Del Arte Flamenco in Granada is second to none for its stunning performances.

This art house allows you to see and experience flamenco through some of the best flamenco artists in the world, and with their iconic performance; Spectacle, you will be shown the various different styles of Flamenco through song, music and dancing. The show is around an hour long and hopes to show visitors the passion behind most flamenco dancing.

With the recent increase in world-travel holidays, particularly for students, Granada has become more popular with tourists because of its rich cultural heritage. However it is still an iconic holiday for those looking to take a stroll or get lost down a winding alley and the ideal weather in the summer months certainly makes the days long, lazy and carefree.

Mike James is an avid traveller and has lived in several regions of Spain including Valencia and Granada. One of his favourite places to visit is the city of Granada as it has so much diversity to offer and something different to see every time. Mike has a property background and often writes about his travels for Panorama Properties, a Marbella based real estate agent.

Walking Around Bristol

A great way of exploring any place you visit is to take a steady stroll around the area, and Bristol provides some excellent, easy going walks that will allow you to get to know the town better. 

Embarking on any of these tours means braving the great British weather. Rain or shine you should be prepared for anything that the elements can throw at you.  With four decades of experience in outdoor retail, Cotswold Outdoors offer one of the most extensive and comprehensive ranges of outdoor clothing, walking shoes and equipment. 

Walking Tours in Bristol

There are a number of enterprising companies that have made good use of iPhone technology to create portable tour guides complete with commentary, pictures and soundtracks to make your tour of Bristol more enjoyable. 

The Visit Bristol website has a comprehensive list of themed tours some of which are featured below. 

Before the war


One such walk explores the Bristol of old; pre-second World War when the docks were still very much alive with ships. This self-guided tour provides archive footage and photos directly to your mobile and shows the districts as you travel through them. This gives you a wonderful insight into the way Bristol was before its devastation. 

Kids Treasure Trail


If you have a group of children then there is an exciting treasure trail tour that will captivate and enthral them as they follow the clues and learn about Bristol as they race around solving the puzzle. This is an ideal way to include children on a family outing and covers all the main attractions and points of interest around the city.

A popular exploration of Bristol’s past is run every Saturday and Sunday from Anchor Square with Pete the Pirate. Pete takes visitors on a walk around the old town describing in detail and enthusiasm the harbour and town centre that existed in days gone by when pirates ruled the waves. 

Haunted Bristol 


If you aren’t afraid of a fright then an evening tour with a difference involves visiting the sites of famous Bristol hauntings. The scary walk takes in an old 16th century churchyard with its ghostly monk, a haunted coach inn, and the unnerving cinema along with a 17th century pub that will scare the socks of you. 

Bristol’s attractions


Professional guided trips can also be arranged around the environs of Bristol’s famous Clifton Suspension Bridge or the massive Arnos Vale Cemetery, a beautifully kept, 45-acre site full of the city’s great and good. Celebrities, heroes and politicians from Bristol’s past have all been laid to rest here and a guided tour will fill you in on their interesting and often unusual lives.

Coastal Resorts in Turkey

From the amusing coastline to the mosques and Istanbul's bazaar, Turkey is awash with natural beauty, culture and outstanding history that has saw a number of tourists visiting some of its major cities. Turkey is a gateway between the east and the west and is bordered by eight different countries. Its capital city, Istanbul is a mixture of eastern and western cultures with a number of mystical bazaars, mosques, restaurants and bars.

While you are planning to have a visit to Istanbul and turkey, here are a number of beach resorts and villas where you can spend your holiday.

Here are three coastal resorts in which to spend your holidays in Turkey

Barut Lara Resort

This is one of Turkey's best beach resorts which have been showcased in a fantastic setting of ocean view and green gardens. Guests are also accorded a chance to lounge by the beach, indoor swimming, outdoor pools which is been provided with a Turkish bath. 


This resort also provides spa and wellness treatments to rejuvenate your body and soul. Skin care, Body care, Massages and special kind of the wellness treatments are available in this resort. It also has a fully equipped gym rooms for the active guests who like aerobics.

This resort offers authentic flavors of Mediterranean cuisines, famous Anatolian dishes and renowned international flavors are offered in this resort.

D-Hotel Maris

This resort has been founded in the year 1951. At present, this is one of the leading resorts in attracting the tourists in Turkey. This is one of the greatest places in the country to go for snorkeling and scuba diving. It also has a number of pools that are overlooking the beach. It's situated near a number of hiking and hiking trails which adds more flavor to the visit, especially for the landlubbers. Its guest rooms are air-conditioned and tastefully painted as well as equipped with large safes that can hold laptops. The guests can also access free Wi-Fi anywhere within the resort.

This resort is also famous for the well-known spa treatments. The spa treatments in this resort are been provided by the award winning skin care range by ESPA. The spa facilities include in this resort is sauna and steam room, ice fountains, individual scrub rooms, relaxation areas etc. Apart from the spa facilities, this resort consists of the

  • Bodyism program

Bodysim is a program that transforms the bodies of the people around the world. It believes in creating long, lean, healthy and athletic bodies. The core to the Bodyism program is the clean and lean approach to the total well-being.

  • Teenage Club

The resort provides video games, various teenage games, workshop activities, mountain biking, watersport activities, fishing, table tennis, movie broad casting, air activities etc.

  • Yachting

Yacht tours are been planned by the resort organizers to the nearby Virgin Islands, around beautiful bays, trips to nearby located villages and cities.

Apart from the above, the resort also provides the fitness center, tennis court, watersports and beaches and pools.

Delphin Diva Premiere

Located Just 9 miles from Antalya, this resort is close to Antalium Premium Mall and Lara Beach. This resort features all inclusive onsite property meals and beverages at onsite restaurants and bars. This resort also offers a variety of recreational, fun and entertainment activities. This resort also offers a wide range of activities such as frolicking, swimming pool that has its own water slide. All these have been designed just for its guests. It also has a bowling alley and a tennis court for the guests who like sporting a lot.

Besides that, this resort also provides an indoor pool, a health club and a spa treatment section, seasonal outdoor pool, a children’s pool and a night club. Wireless Internet access, Onsite parking and a free breakfast for its guest are additional benefits that are been offered by the resort to its guest. Its rooms have private balconies where one can have a view of the ocean. The park is also equipped with a private parking where guests can safely park their cars.

These are the list of the coastal Holiday resorts in the Turkey for the stay in the Turkey during your visit. Before going for a visit to the Turkey, it’s better to apply for the turkey visas for a comfortable stay in Turkey. If you do not have one, please apply for it.

Fjord Fiesta! A Norwegian Road Trip from Bergen to Oslo

Norway is one of the safest places to drive in the world, partly because driving regulations are strictly enforced; instead you have to watch out for elk and deer, which can stray onto the roads without warning. The journey from Bergen to Oslo is ideal for exploring Norway’s most popular tourist areas, passing through a large mountain plateau and Norway’s most expansive national park. There are fjords of course, and you will also see the huge craggy mountains with waterfalls cascading down their sides that inspired stories about trolls; along with some prime examples of the country’s cultural heritage.

Mount Fløyen

The first place to stop is still inside Bergen; close to the Fish Market is the start of the funicular railway that takes you almost vertically up Mount Fløyen. 

At the top you can enjoy a grandstand view of the city below and the fjords that guard the approach from the sea. It is the starting point for a number of walks, or you can simply enjoy the panorama from the comfort of the café and restaurant.Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall

Rushing down a drop of 46 meters, the waterfall is found near the town of Norheimsund. It is particularly spectacular when the thaw arrives in May and June. Mesmerising from the outside, there is a very different view to be had from a path that takes you behind the cascade; and again at night when it is floodlit.
Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau

Home to the largest highland plateau in Northern Europe, Hardangervidda is the biggest national park in Norway, and home to the largest heard of wild reindeer. Following the herds after the ice age retreated ancient man built over 250 prehistoric dwellings in the area, some dating back as far as 6300 BC. 

Satnavs are useful in this region, you can check if they are available with your hire car online at AlamoCar Hire or AutoEurope.


The second largest fjord in Norway, but definitely the most beautiful; the area is known as the country’s orchard and is especially spectacular in spring when all the fruit trees are in blossom. The ideal way to see the fjord is on a boat trip, where you can imagine what it would have been like when Viking long boats ruled the waters.

Modum Blaafarveværket

These are the Blue Colour Works where cobalt has been mined since the 1770s and used to produce coloured glass and pigment for paints. The buildings now house an important art collection and the mines have been opened as a tourist attraction.
Akershus Fortress

Signifying the end of the trip, the fortress is a medieval castle that was built to guard the capital city of Oslo. Dating back to 1290, it is still in use today as a venue for official functions.

Explore the Beautiful Belgian city of Zeebrugge

Zeebrugge is a seaside destination on the coastline of Belgium that is a subdivision of the country's capital city, Bruges. It is the location of the city’s international port, but visitors will find so much more than this on a trip. 

Sights to See

Zeebrugge has a wide sandy beach that is a
popular attraction for locals and visitors alike. The seafront area along this is well developed and there are many restaurants, cafes, and shops to enjoy. Those that travel into the centre of Bruges should visit the Belfort Tower. This is one of the landmark sights and a climb to the top offers a fantastic view out over the city. A more relaxing way to see some of sights is to take a boat tour on the canals, with knowledgeable guides on these providing details of the city’s history. The centre of Bruges is a World Heritage Site and a walk around this is a way to see the many impressive buildings that line the streets.

Other Attractions

Seafront Zeebrugge is a visitor centre dedicated to the sea. It houses exhibits and interactive displays about shipping, fishing, marine animals, and also Zeebrugge’s importance as a port. Visitors can also go on board the Lightship West-Hinder to see how it operated and take a tour around a Foxtrot submarine. The Grooeningmuseum is also one of the cities
famous attractions and houses a beautiful collection of artwork by famous Flemish and Belgian painters Cruise and Explore

One of the best ways to arrive is by sea and a number of cruise operators offer mini cruises that take in the Port of Zeebrugge. Some to consider include MSC Cruises, Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, and Royal Caribbean Cruises. They offer short excursions of between two and four days, with Royal Caribbean, for example, offering trips from Southampton that take in Zeebrugge and Le Harve. Ferries also run from Hull for those that want to make the trip by sea.
Other Travel Options

Other options for traveling to Zeebrugge include a train trip through the Channel Tunnel to Bruges or flying to Brussels and finishing the journey by road or rail. There are a few ways to explore the sights once there. Buses operated by the Flemish Public Transport Company connect many places around the city. Cycling is also a popular way of getting around and bicycles are relatively easy to hire, with rental companies across the city offering these.

Zeebruge is a historic destination to visit and spending a day or more exploring the
best tourist attractions in and around it is a fun and interesting experience. This makes it great choice for a short trip or longer vacation and anyone doing this is sure to enjoy the picture-postcard charm of this beautiful location.

Great Casinos Across America

Gambling enthusiasts are always looking for something new and better. You want to have a fantastic variety of gaming opportunities, but you also want a casino that offers more of everything with lots of extras. Read further for the top five casinos you can find in America and all they have to offer.

WinStar World Casino and Resort - Oklahoma

The ultimate gaming experience is offered here in the Casino 360 where you will find yourself playing all your favorite games in ribbons of pulsating light, music and sound. When you hit the jackpot, you will be the subject of a huge celebration complete with music, lights and your name tweeted to WinStar World followers and on the jumbo screens.

Enjoy electronic and table games, roulette, poker, bingo, keno and off-track betting. Luxurious accommodations await you and include everything from flat screen HDTVs, hot tubs and a pool bar. More than 13 dining establishments are available with something to suit everyone's taste and you can expect to see live performances from many world-class artists, comedians and local bands. You might also enjoy a round of golf on the 27-hole golf course or a day at the Spa Habitat where you can relax with a massage, facial or a hand, body or foot rub.

Foxwoods Resort Casino – Connecticut

Here is a family friendly atmosphere with a two-story arcade, swimming pool and bowling for your children to enjoy. The entire family can appreciate a visit to the Pequot Museum which is the world's largest Native American museum. Experience life-size walk-through dioramas that take you into the past, various exhibits, live performances of Native American contemporary arts and cultures and two libraries with one being just for children. You will enjoy playing slots, table games, bingo, race book, keno and poker. Everything from the fabulous accommodations, grand selection of dining and entertainment, golf and spa are all available to make your stay wonderful.

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino – Las Vegas

This luxury hotel and casino features a stunning replica tower of St. Mark’s Campanile in Venice. You can expect luxury suites, fine and poolside dining, theatrical entertainment, clubs, lounges, golf, gondola rides, spa and helicopter and pink jeep tours. There is also Madame Tussauds which features over 100 lifelike wax creations of celebrities. You will enjoy poker, slots, deep stack extravaganza, race and sports book, mobile gaming and table games.

Bellagio – Las Vegas

This casino is famous for its breathtaking fountains and its poker rooms where extremely high table limits are allowed. The fountains will entertain you with a show of water, music and light. There is also Cirque du Soleil, spa, golf, pools and more. Games include poker, slots, table games and race and sports books.

MGM Grand Casino – Las Vegas

This hotel offers a state-of-the-art area with 60 plasma televisions is provided for those who wish to bet on football, mixed martial arts, boxing and soccer. Other gaming includes poker, slots and table games. Enjoy luxury accommodations, world-class dining and entertainment. There is also nightclub entertainment, golf, spa, pool, monorail and more.

You won't go wrong regardless of which of these casinos you choose to visit. You are guaranteed the time of your life and many happy memories.

Tim Jerkins has traveled around the world to visit some of the most exotic locations on earth. Tim loves blogging, and recommends reading more articles at http://travel-eat-sleep.com/.

Looking Ahead to 2014 in the UK

Five Things not to be Missed this Year

As we enter into the New Year, it’s always good to have an idea of what the next 12 months might have in store. There’s nothing better than filling up your diary with lots of things to look forward to and counting down the days until the excitement begins, so with that in mind I’ve pulled together five events that you should definitely be thinking about when planning your short breaks in the UK this year!

Tate Modern – Matisse Exhibition

One for those of you who enjoy a bit of culture in your lives, the Matisse Exhibition is expected to be the biggest displays of art this year. Bringing together more than 120 pieces of colourful work from his final years, the Cut-Outs collection along with key pieces like The Snail are a must see for art lovers.

The Commonwealth Games

So this year, the Commonwealth Games are heading to our own fair Isles and the city of Glasgow. 

Thousands of elite athletes will descend on the Scottish city for one of the biggest sporting events to ever hit Scotland. Whether you’re an avid sports fan or not, it’s absolutely one of the events that you should be paying attention to this summer.

The Red Bull Soapbox Race

An alternative, I know, but just as exciting none-the-less! Make your way to Alexandra Palace, London on the 12th and 13th July to see hoards of people attempt to complete the course in the fastest time in their homemade soapbox carts. Teams of four battle it out for victory after being voted on speed, creativity and showmanship, so you’re guaranteed to see some great attempts!

The Grand Départ

This is Yorkshire’s year to shine in the spotlight, as the Tour de France embarks on its epic journey from its starting point in Leeds. Two routes run through the county, showcasing the beautiful scenery and the challenging terrain that these elite athletes will have to battle. It’s also a great place to take a short break, so make a weekend of it and get yourself up north.


Whether you’ve bought your tickets already or you’re holding out for those last minute cancellations, Glastonbury is definitely one to watch. Not only is it the UK’s biggest annual music festival, it’s also a great way to get away with friends and take some time out from the everyday stresses that life throws our way. With some of the biggest names in international music guaranteed to be in attendance, it’s time to grab those sunglasses and that tent (and probably those wellies!) and get yourself down to the south west.

If I was you I’d have each and every one of these occasions in my calendar. It’s going to be another great year for British sporting events, so make sure you can say ‘I was there’ when you look back on the year!

About the author:
Victoria is a passionate travel writer with great experience of European destinations. Her recent adventures have included Amsterdam, Portugal and Paris, but the real dream is to venture further afield and travel around New Zealand.