Self Catering Holidays

When considering your family holiday the question is not just where you want to go but also your choice of accommodation. Whether you would prefer a hotel with all the facilities and meals included or whether the self catering option would suit you and your family best. The recession has undoubtedly boosted the self catering holiday industry. Research by has revealed that there has been a general annual increase of 54% in self catering holidays and an 81% year on year increase in the numbers of people enquiring about self catering eco accommodation for groups of up to 10 people. This indicates that people may not be willing to forgo their annual holiday but they are definitely working out more cost effective ways of taking their holiday.

Enjoy the support of family and friends

Joining up and going on a self catering holiday with family or friends is not only cheaper but has many other benefits. If you have young children they will have others to play with and you will have a bit more freedom as they happily play with their cousins and friends. You will also have a built in babysitting service, family and friends can take turns at looking after the kids whilst each has an evening out alone so it can work out perfectly. Then there is the opportunity to save money on food and sharing the cooking and cleaning up not to mention being able to cater for the fussier eaters in your party! Providing you all get along, it can be a wonderful way for you and your children to bond with your family members and friends under the relaxed situation of a holiday.

Privacy + Flexibility = Family Harmony!

Taking a family to a hotel can offer its challenges. You may have to take several rooms to house all of your family. You might have to squeeze into a family room, the cramped conditions and lack of privacy could put extra strain on the family or you could suffer the expense of a suite if you want to have a bit more space but that could be out of the reach of most families’ budget. The appeal of the self catering family holiday offers greater flexibility to larger groups. Where there are children of differing ages, a holiday cottage or house offers more privacy and space for teenagers to get away from their annoying, younger siblings and happy children on holiday leads to an easier time for everyone! Also you can come and go as you please. You can get up late and not worry about missing the time for breakfast, you can wonder around in your robe all day not worrying who will see you!

Experience how the other half live

The other exciting thing about the self catering holiday option is the variety of experiences you can have. It allows you to choose to live for a week or two in a totally different environment. If you currently live in a rural location then maybe you’d like to experience a high class serviced apartment in Cambridge, London or even New York. Or if you currently live in an urban environment you may want to find peace and quiet in a traditional country cottage or what about a week on a farm for a total change of lifestyle!

Then there are the unusual holiday homes for hire such as converted windmills and lighthouses! The possibilities are endless as are the experiences to be had by living in a totally different life every time you go away!

Written by Karen James, business owner, corporate traveller and prolific writer for Citystay UK and other business sectors

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