Kielder Water & Forest Park

Kielder Water & Forest Park is an impressive place, spanning about 250 square miles of forest, the largest one in England and also holding the largest lake created by Man in the territories of northern Europe. Its unique and beautiful landscape is loved and enjoyed by people from all over Britain and Europe and was voted NE England’s best tourism experience of the year 2012.

While there are many reasons for one to visit, its incredible views and scenery are the most popular reason to be here. It is a remote, quiet location that offers crisp clean air, plenty of open spaces for picnics and stunning views begging to be photographed. You can rejuvenate your energy by even enjoying a nice dark night of stargazing. You can spend quality time here thanks to the comfortable accommodation and traditional cuisine offered in the area as well.

Outstanding beauty spot Kielder Water

Kielder Park offers a whole lot for nature lovers and explorers through a chance to enjoy walking, cycling, family picnics, water sports and whole lot more. Whether your passion is mountain biking, long hiking trips or something more calm such as bird watching you will find an activity to enjoy. See more on this video:

When it comes to cycling, you have a wide range of routes available to you for various levels of skill and ability. There are twenty-two trails one can choose from, but Lakeside Way allows to enjoy a long bike along the Kielder Water shoreline where you will enjoy a 27-mile long beautiful cycling experience. The trails have a travel guide one can obtain at any of the visitor centres at the site itself.

Deep in the woods are tower slides designed and built by Image Playgrounds - read more about the interesting project work at Kielder on their website

Lakeside Way has the most scenic, gorgeous part of the lake shore with views and wildlife both abundant and lovely for all of us enjoying a great time in the green expanses of England. The multi-user track available here is capable of accommodating cyclists, walkers, horse riding and even wheelchairs. If that is not enough, you can take a walk around Kielder village.

Kielder Water offers wonderful opportunities on its eleven square kilometres for water sports. A fun fact: If the waters of the lake were to be distributed among the world's population, each and every one of us would have seven gallons of water. That is the size of the lake you would be exploring should you visit the park grounds. Sailing, canoeing, water skiing during the summer season and more are offered through the Calvert Trust and professional clubs around the lake. These activities are highly sought after, so pre-booking is required to stay ahead of the line of people aiming for them. Make sure you call your chosen club ahead of time so you can enjoy your time there without disappointment and issues originating from such lack of organization on your part. You can even use your own equipment on the park grounds, however you will need to adhere to the rules and regulations decided upon by the park authorities. 

Horse riding is something else you and your kids can enjoy, and if you have a horse of your own, you'll be able to ride it here as well. There is a lovely network of forest tracks and bridleways for you to enjoy with access to almost all of them. If you don't have one, you can always check Cragside Stables, which is a horse riding school which doubles as an equestrian centre in Hexham, near Bardon Mill. Your age, riding history and height will be required before you can rent any horses or ponies for your enjoyment. 

Guest author Heather writes for and has been traveling since she was a little child. She lives in the US and loves planning family trips and exploring new places.


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