Destination Turkey

Looking for a hot holiday that can give you a bit of variety other than just sitting on the beach is a little tricky. This is only due to the fact that most travel brochures focus purely on the beach facilities and leave the rest of the information out. So, if you want to find a holiday that offers nice beaches with good cultural and historical links you may have to do your research. 

While you are researching your choices, have a quick peep at a Turkey holiday. Here you will find some of the most beautiful beaches with fabulous long summer days and more than enough going on, off the beach, to keep the restless occupied. It has managed to maintain the historical and cultural qualities as well as becoming a top holiday destination, so you should find more than enough to see and do throughout your week.

One of the popular regions is Fethiye which is famed for its works of arts as well as its historical landmarks. The county is situated in a small bay and just off the coast are many little islands. Surrounding the bay are pine forests giving the region a unique feel. There is plenty going on in Fethiye but if you want a slightly more hedonistic vacation then maybe try Marmaris. Marmaris is a port town offering everything a tourist could wish for. From the ruins of an ancient city through to some top night spots for the party souls, you can find something to do or somewhere to visit at all times of the day.

Turkey really is a vast country with so much to see and do depending on what area you visit. From the craggy mountains to the beautiful sandy beaches you will be spoilt for choice, and destined to return from the first time you set foot on this spectacular land.

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  1. Turkey has various destinations for visiting. Istanbul is the largest and beautiful city in this country. I visit in Istanbul before my dc cherry blossom tours with my business partner. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Grand Bazaar and Süleymaniye Mosque are the major tourist attraction in this city.