Taking the Stress Out of Holidaying Abroad

Top Five Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Holidaying Abroad


The last thing you need when planning a dream holiday is unnecessary stress that can sometimes be associated with organising it. Doing your best to avoid this hassle will put you in the optimum position to fully enjoy your break from everyday life and put you on a better footing to look forward to your well-earned vacation. 

Little things such as driving your car to the airport and making use of the Thomas Cook airport car parking facilities and taking out a travel insurance policy for added peace of mind will help to ensure your holiday can happen without a hitch.

Holiday Insurance 

Compare the myriad of travel insurance deals online and take advantage of the policy that provides you with the perfect cover for your requirements. 

Airport Parking

While booking transport between your home and the airport is perfectly doable, it can sometimes cost much less booking UK airport car parking instead. If you don’t live too far from the airport, you won’t need to spend much on petrol either and would only have to rely on yourself to get to the departure lounge on time. 


Make sure that your passports are in date, with at least 6 months remaining after your return home. You certainly don’t need the stress of an emergency appointment for a passport renewal the day before you fly! 

Security and Safety 

Don’t give yourself a reason to stress with regards to your home. Make sure all windows and doors are locked as you leave and if you have an alarm system, use it. 


If you’re travelling with kids, make sure they stay entertained so that you don’t have a need to stress or shout. Pack their hand luggage with plenty of their favourite things, such as books, crayons and handheld games consoles. 

Take the stress out of your vacation and enjoy every moment a holiday that can be unforgettable, for the right reasons.

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