How Budget Travelers Visit Big Cities for Thousands Less Than You Paid

Are the Joneses really that much richer than you, or do they know some things about travel you don’t? They seem to be able to afford all the best destinations, and travel several times a year, while you’re doing without premium movie channels and the latest smartphone just to get one measly vacation. Here’s what the Joneses know that can cut thousands off your travel expenses.

They Buy City Tourist Cards 

Most cities around the world offer city tourist cards. These cards cost money up front, but save you on almost everything you do during your visit. Museums and popular activities are free or discounted, transportation is usually free and restaurants and shops offer steep discounts to card holders. The investment is worth it.

They BYOB 

A traveler from Palm Desert, CA enjoyed a nightly glass of red wine back home for her health. When visiting a New York restaurant, she wound up paying $22 for the privilege. If you enjoy alcoholic beverages, don’t depend on local bars and restaurants. Bring your own or stop by a package store when you arrive.

They Drive Instead of Flying 

Flying costs more money, and if the airline loses your bag or cancels your flight, it costs a lot more money. When traveling within the continental U.S. or Canada, consider driving. Aside from saving money, you’ll get to experience the sights and people between home and your destination. It’s also easier to travel by car with small children, and nobody is going to confiscate your shampoo.

They Stay in Suburbs, Not Downtown 

Booking a hotel in the heart of Salt Lake City, for example, is costly. However, West Valley (home of Ken Garff West Valley Used Cars) is convenient to all the attractions of the city and hotel fees there are much lower. You could save half the price on your accommodations in exchange for an extra ten minute drive. The same is true for all major cities around the world.

They Travel During Off-Peak Times 

If you insist on traveling on a weekend in July, expect to pay double or more what the same trip would cost during off season and on a weekday. The law of supply and demand dictates heavy travel times are worth more. Be flexible about when you vacation for steep savings (plus the relaxing benefit of smaller crowds).

They Don’t Always Book Plans Ahead Online 

You save money by booking all your plans long before your trip online, right? The Joneses say not necessarily. While reservations are a must in a heavily traveled city during the peak season, sometimes you can negotiate a superior deal face to face when you arrive. Mom and pop hotels, for example, don’t advertise online, but their fees are lower.

Also, when you book all your plans online it doesn’t give you the option of choosing alternative plans once you get there. You might find small amusement parks, museums or other points of interest that cost a fraction of what you paid for the highly publicized venue online. Plus, it’s more fun when your itinerary isn’t chiseled in stone.

So, the Joneses’ secrets are out! Impress them with your wow vacations this year.


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