Have a Safe Home and a Safe Trip

What better way to break the redundant schedules of daily life at home, at work and managing your various responsibilities than taking a very necessary vacation? Traveling to exquisite distant territories that you have seen come to life in movies or just spending some time in-country may seem like just what the doctor ordered. But in order to truly have an unforgettable trip with memories that you actually want to remember, consider taking the proper safety precautions prior to departure and during your travels.

Know the Best and the Worst of a Region


Before you even board the plane to cast off onto your voyage of leisure, be sure you are not about to begin a tour of the most murderous poverty-stricken sections of this new country. Run a thorough online search of your hotel, not just on their own personal website, but also by running their name through Google. Find out what other comments and recommendations are available on third-party sites that have no vested interest in promoting your hotel.

Is your hotel located in a high crime area? Does your room have key cards or outdated room keys? What have other past travelers had to say about their comfort and their time spent at your hotel? Are there members of staff that speak your language?

Keep Valuables to a Minimum


You surely may need to bring the essential travel documents such as a passport, a driver's license and valid credit cards. But is it really necessary to bring those precious diamond earrings, valuable gold necklaces and bracelets? Absolutely not. Not when it could increase the odds of making you a target.
Ask yourself, would you be devastated if the items you are packing were stolen or lost during your vacation? If the answer is "yes" than you have no reason in the world to take the added stress of bringing them along. Give yourself some peace of mind. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Don't Tell the Entire World


Avoid the immediate desire to brag about your upcoming trip all over the Internet, especially on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Why let the world know that you are no longer at home, and that your residence is unoccupied, making it easier to be robbed.

Sure, it makes total sense to let your most-trusted and local loved ones aware of your travel plans so that they can keep an eye on your house. However, you are only making yourself a potential victim by announcing to complete strangers that you have left the country or even town. Post your cool pictures and travel memories after your trip - not while it is happening.

Dress Casual


Try not to be too flashy of a dresser. Some countries, like ones that are predominantly Muslim, such a display can be seen as offensive and can draw unwanted attention. There is no need to show off in a city that may be drowning in financial crisis. Plus, don't forget that this is a vacation, not a stuffy business meeting, dress comfortably.

And Don’t Forget to Lock Up


This should go without saying but you hear about it far too often. People take off and they leave the home vulnerable to attack and it’s not always something as simple as not locking the door. Remembering to put a hold on the mail delivery is extremely important since that’s the telltale sign to the bad guys that no one is home. And, if you are especially worried about the home, then look at a home security site like http://www.tophomealarms.com/wireless-alarm-systems.html and see about getting a system. The last thing you want to do is leave town or even the country and spend your entire trip thinking about the home.

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