Clubbing in Ayia Napa

We’ve all been feeling the pinch this year – and if you’re still paying for Christmas and New Year then it might seem like your summer holiday is very, very far away.
Not so. With only a couple of months till the start of the clubbing holiday season, if you haven’t yet booked something, you need to get a wriggle on.

If you can afford to book now, do it. Nothing beats the peace of mind of having your summer holiday all booked in and letting the countdown commence. However, if you don’t even have the deposit money to hand, it’s definitely time to take action.

Where's Hot?

When cashflow is tighter than a duck’s whatnot, you need to look at which clubbing resorts offer the most bang for your buck. Holidays to Ayia Napa fit the bill nicely, with food, drinks and club entry being super-affordable. Add scorching temps, an amazing party scene and golden beaches and you’ve got all that you need for ultimate epicness, on a shoestring.

When to go

Play around with the booking tools on the Club 18-30 website to find the dates that best fit your budget. If you can pick up a week outside of the peak season of the school summer holidays then you’re likely to be able to trim £££’s from the cost. Don’t go too far either side though – you want the sun to be shining and the clubs to be pumping, or you might as well not bother!

How to get there

The fact is that you have to be on that plane. So no matter what you need to do to get the cash together, do it! (Disclaimer – within reason and on the right side of the law!). Buckle down to that overtime, butter up the ‘rents, take on a second job in a bar, delivering pizzas – whatever! Beg, blag and borrow the cash and build up a healthy pot full of lovely cash to splash on your summer 2013 clubbing hol. 

The next few months are crucial in securing that spot on the sunlounger and in the Ayia Napaclubs this summer. Knuckle down and concentrate on the end result – an epic clubbing holiday in the sun.


  1. Thanks for this great post! I completely agree with you that parties in Ayia Napa are one of the best! Moreover, the variety of parties is amazing: beach parties, pool parties, foam parties, bar crawls, boat parties and even paint parties! Isn't it a place of a dream for those who love dancing day and night? ;) You may also get redirected here to read more about nightlife tips that may help you to find all the best places to have fun in Cyprus.

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