Barcelona The Jewel Of Spain

While Spain has no shortage of beautiful landscapes, stunning architecture, pristine beaches and friendly, welcoming people there is no other city on earth quite like Barcelona. The proud locals won't hesitate to boast about their beautiful city, and while the locals of any city will usually assure you that theirs is the best there's certainly no need for hyperbole in the case of Barcelona. The Catalan residents are justly proud of their home, and when you're looking for cheap holiday packages to Spain they'd be shocked if Barcelona wasn't first on your list of cities to visit. Here a just a few of the reasons why.
  • A Unique Skyline
  • Rambling Along La Rambla
  • Great Sporting Heritage
  • Cloudless Skies

Gaudi's Architecture

Every great city can be instantly recognized by its skyline, but the relatively low rise and low key face of Barcelona offers a wealth of beautiful and breathtaking architectural delights. Barcelona was the home of Antoni Gaudi, one of the most famous and controversial architects of all time, and the city is packed full of some of his most stunning work. The Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo and Casa Mila are just a few of the incredible structures that have been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites in recent years.

A Walk to Remember

Some cities lend themselves to the automobile, and some boast excellent public transport. Barcelona, however, is best enjoyed on foot. Even holiday packages to Spain that offer all inclusive service and luxury accommodation shouldn't keep you from getting out and exploring the city. As you'll see at, Barcelona is a wonderful city for a relaxed stroll.

At the heart of the city is La Rambla, the famed walking street that runs from the harbor through to the core of the shopping district. On La Rambla you'll find everything from friendly bars to cute cafes to enticing department stores, and from the moment you arrive you'll understand why Federico Garcia Lorca, the Spanish poet, once described it as (the dead are more alive than the dead of any other country in the world.)

The Home of Football

Everyone will tell you that the residents of Barcelona are proud of their local team, but you won't truly understand the depth of their love until you arrive in the city. FC Barcelona, the winners of 21 La Liga titles, 4 UEFA Champions League titles and a record 4 UEFA Cup Winners' Cups, are the only European football team to have played in continental contests in every season since 1955.

There are few other teams on earth that have achieved as much as Barca, and the locals revere their football heroes to a degree only slightly lower than their love of the church. In fact, football in Spain is almost a religion in itself, and a visit to the Camp Nou to catch a game is almost obligatory on a visit to the city.

A Warm Welcome

Of course even the most beautiful of cities can be undone by inclement weather, but in Barcelona you'll find deep blue skies all year round. The sub-tropical Mediterranean climate leaves the city basking in warm sunshine from May to October, with temperatures that are pleasant but never oppressive. Even in the winter the mercury rarely falls too low for comfort, with freezing temperatures a novelty at night and typically unheard of during the day.

The best time to visit Barcelona is the mid-summer, where temperatures may peak at 28 Celsius (82F) and fall to a pleasant 20 Celsius (68F) at night. In general, Barcelona is blessed with a warm and comfortable climate that makes a visit pleasant at any time of the year.

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