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The Best Cocktail Bars That New York’s East Village Has To Offer

Although the Volstead Act prohibited the sale or distribution of alcohol in New York, the amassment of secret underground bars continued to provide a haven for people in the city between 1919 and 1933. Tucked away round street corners and alleyways, the allure of these bars was constant, meaning a variety of strict measures had to be put in place to ensure their survival. 

The thrill of the chase kept many of these bar owners trading, and with threats of life imprisonment, the penalty seemed worthy of the survival of the uprising and continued business. Nowadays however, these bars are rife with customers, providing New York’s East Village with one of the business drinking-strips in the city. Take a look at the best cocktail bars that New York’s East Village has to offer, and see whether you can be enticed into making a trip to the big apple! 

PDT (Please Don’t Tell)

This bar no longer needs the shroud of secrecy to keep it in business, and to this day it remains one of the busiest and cultured ‘secret’ bars in New York. Serving food until the early hours of the morning, many customers keep PDT’s reservation number on speed dial. Cocktails may be a little pricy, but that certainly doesn’t detract from the interior décor, most of it left exactly the same as when it first opened. To avoid missing out, it’s essential that you make a reservation at PDT, as queues outside this bar can be hefty. 

Cabin Down Below

This bar is a tad edgier than PDT, and is a product of a few East Village hipsters (most notability Matt Romano of the Strokes). Celebrities are frequently spotted lurking around this watering hole, and with a number of secret entrances and even more bouncers, you’ll do well to get your name on the Cabin Down Below guest list. The interior looks and feels like a warm cabin, however the furniture provides a chill-lounge vibe. 

Cienfuegos Above Carteles

If you’re looking for a little Havana in New York, then the Cienfuegos Above Carteles is the spot for you. This bar is a hub for Hispanic music, with bottles of tequila and rum lining the bar. The colours of the walls even represent Cuban culture, with mint green and lime around every corner. Although the bar is quite big, it is often busy with local Hispanics racing to try the home-cooked tapas, so it’s best to book a table. This bar has a very rustic feel, with tabs and bills arriving in cigar boxes, and if you’ve got a spare $15, the cocktails won’t fail to disappoint. 

Angel’s Share in Village Yokocho 

Hidden away on the second floor of Japanese restaurant Village Yokocho is Angel’s Share, a renaissance and cultural haven for creatives everywhere. With heavy curtains and burgundy wallpaper, this bar is a stark contrast to the vibrant colours of the Village Yokocho restaurant downstairs, providing a large variety of whiskeys and bourbons as well as excellent table service. 

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