Captivating Cyprus

We’re a lucky bunch. We can travel to some of the most beautiful and diverse places in the world without flying for more than just a few short hours. From Atogoholidays in the south of Tenerife to city breaks in the lovely Portuguese city of Lisbon, there’s a world of choice right at your fingertip.

One Mediterranean beauty that never fails to disappoint is Cyprus, and it’s not hard to see why. This glorious island, said to be the birthplace of the mythical Aphrodite, is all golden sands and sparkling azure seas. It’s right up there in the ‘picture perfect’ stakes, and what’s more it’s got a cracking climate too. The summers are scorching, perfect for catching up with some much-needed R&R on the beach, while the winters are refreshing yet still mild. During the cooler months, most of the time you can wander around in a t-shirt, which is a welcome change after the stifling heat of the summer.

Beaches aside, the island is home to the magnificent Troodos Mountain range - a string of stunning peaks that is home to hidden monasteries and ancient buildings that cling to the hillsides. It’s seriously breathtaking, so it’s well worth bringing a picnic to make the most of your time here... and to soak up the views at your leisure.

One of the many great things about Cyprus is that it’s easy to reach. Whether you choose low-cost Cyprus package holidays, a quick weekend getaway or whether you choose to get here under your own steam, you’ll find plenty of choice. The best prices are often found by booking ahead, so take heed where possible and book as far in advance as you can. It just means that whatever you save at the booking stage you can enjoy as spending money once you get here. Perfect!

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