Visiting Cairo

Over nine million people reside in Cairo, Egypt’s fulcrum and a city steeped in masses of history and cultural significance. As one of the most renowned destinations in the world there are never-ending streams of visitors wanting to experience the place for themselves. If indeed you are one of these people, no matter how long you are intending to stay for, then you will surely find it a big help to know of the following tips.


The clothes you wear in Muslim countries can be a source of problems if you dress in a way that is seen to be inappropriate or even disrespectful. Women who visit Cairo and Egypt as a whole should cover themselves up as much as possible although it is fine to wear t-shirts and suchlike in areas where there are other tourists for example. Men can wear t-shirts and longer shorts (three-quarter length) generally but should probably keep the typical kind of shorts for use in resorts as opposed to other areas of Cairo.

Do not feel obliged to tip

Although there are many places across the world where it is considered a part of the culture to tip this is not necessarily the general practice in Egypt. There are a great deal of restaurants in Cairo that incorporate the amount you would be expected to tip into the bill itself so do not feel as if you are required to add to this. A good way to measure things like this is by observing how the locals interact with each other. For example, if the locals do not hold out their hand to ask for money from other locals when out and about then you should not expect to have to pay for such pleasantries as luggage handling either.

Tone down public displays of affection

As with the issue of clothing there can be offence caused by certain behaviour in Egypt, including the way affection is displayed in public places. Kissing and suchlike may be commonplace in a lot of countries but in Egypt you should certainly tone it down, and even avoid it as much as possible.

Crossing in Cairo

Crossing the road in Cairo is a whole different proposition to the UK for example. Looking at local people and how they cross is a good guide but never run across the street. Keep your eyes peeled for a safe gap between one vehicle and the next and make your move the moment the first one passes you.

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