The Windiest Travel Destinations On Earth

The windiest place on Earth is Cape Dennison at Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica, where winds can exceed 150mph. Obviously, Antarctica isn't everyone's first choice of travel destination and there are a selection of other locations dotted around the globe that, for certain reasons, feature an incredibly wild climate, making them popular with some whilst others travel there to merely test themselves against some of the world's most brutal weather conditions.

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington is the southernmost capital of the world and its location prompts it to be known as arguably the windiest city as well. With winds reaching speeds of 40 knots, the winds can be challenging and a massive nuisance to those looking to visit. The location of the city doesn't help and is known to sit on a River of Wind, a large corridor of wind where the speed is known to severely pick up at certain times of the year. In spite of all this, Wellington is constantly seen as one of the most popular travel destinations around.

Punta Arenas, Chile

Translated as 'Sandy Point', Punta Arenas is found in the Chilean/Antarctic region in South America, not too far away from the windy conditions of Rio Gallegos. Chile is a popular tourist destination and this city, with winds reaching over 20 mph on a daily basis, is a charming location and one of the only cities to be directly affected by the Ozone layer. Like the majority of the locations down in this part of the world, December is the windiest month of the year whilst June is usually a lot calmer, with winds lower than 15 mph being the fastest.

Rio Gallegos, Argentina

Rio Gallegos' windy conditions are explained by the city's location at the southern tip of Argentina, right at the bottom of the world, not including Antarctica. Though the average wind speed within this windy city is around 20 mph, it's known for some days in this coastal city to see winds of up to 53 knots which equates to about 60 mph; perfect weather for windsurfing perhaps. The winter months usually see the harshest weather conditions and December in particular is known for its brutality with a normal day seeing winds of around 35 mph sweep through the city.

Cape Blanco, United States

The only location on this feature that is situated in the northern hemisphere, Cape Blanco lies on the Pacific coast in Oregon. Whilst it's fairly well kept during the majority of the year, the winter months can play havoc with the western US coast with winds out to sea reaching 125 mph, making windsurfing a real danger due to the rocks off the coast. These winds usually constitute storms and aren't frequent in the location but are certainly a lot faster here than anywhere else in the States. It's an overlooked spot usually but holds many delights for the budding tourist.

Cape Point, South Africa

The South African coast, a haven for windsurfers and those looking for the most scenic beauty on the globe, is situated in the southern hemisphere and can be subject to quite adverse weather conditions. Cape Point at the southern tip of Cape Town has become a tourist attraction for its association as the most southern point of the continent. Studies into the station at Cape Point have shown that about 42% of the wind there blew at more than 8 metres per second. It's a great hiking area and offers some sublime beauty but due to the wind, can be considered dangerous.

Brad Chambers wrote this post on behalf of, a leading UK stockist of wind resistant gloves, hats and socks. Brad blogs about sports, travel and can be followed on twitter here.


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