Magayon Festival

On of the most interesting and fabulous festivals in the Philippines has to be the Magayon Festival.  This popular festival is held once a year in May, in the Bicol region of The Philippines.  The name of the festival comes from the Bicolano word “magayon” which means “beautiful.” This festival really is a festival of “beauty” as we will explain later about the beauty pageant that is held in this festival. This celebration is commemorated in honor of Nuestra Señora de la Porteria, the patron saint of Daraga and aims to celebrate the historical, religious and cultural life of the people in Daraga, Albay.

Magayon Festival is recognized as the oldest festival in The Philippines and features cultural events, dances, sports and business trade fairs. This is a great avenue for promoting the local products and attractions found in Albay as well as enriching the culture of the people in the city. If ever you're lucky enough to visit the Magayon Festival be sure to bring back some gifts for your family and friends as there is always some great items on display during the festival. One of the highlights of the festival is the reenactment of the tragic love story of the beautiful maiden named Daragang Magayon and her lover Panganoron.  According to the legend, their tragic death gave birth to the volcano in Albay called “Mount Mayon”.

The Legend of Mount Mayon

The legend of Mount Mayon plays a very important part in the celebration of Magayon Festival.  It talks about a tragic love story of the most beautiful maiden of her time in the Kabikolan named Daragang Magayon and Panganoron, a tagalog warrior.  According to the legend, their fate ended in the death of both the star-crossed lovers hence giving birth to Mayon Volcano.   Also, the legend continues by telling us that the clouds and the rains that often visit the volcano is believed to be the spirit of Panganoron.  The rolling rocks and scary sound of the earthquake is believed to be the spirit of Paratuga, the jealous and selfish suitor of Daragang Magayon.

Magayon Festival easily Albay’s most important festivity and the locals invite tourists both local and international to explore the beauty, mystery and magic the city of Albay brings.  The festival has more than 100 events featuring arts, culture, food, sports and trade. Not to mention the natural attractions in and surrounding the city like the majestic Mount Mayon and the Casgawa Ruins.

Among the newest additions of the event is the dramatization of the legend of Mount Mayon by famous actors and actresses.  The festivity highlights the beauty pageant for the “Mutya ng Magayon Festival” where you can find the most beautiful ladies in the city. The contest is also often hosted by popular actors and hosts from the Philippine movie industry.  Another highlight is the selection of Ginoong Magayon Festival which is the endless display of handsome male candidates all competing for the title.  The winner of Ginoong Magayon is often paired with Mutya ng Magayon; the two winners are then paraded during the opening ceremonies of the festivity. It is a great honour to win either one of these beauty pageant’s in the Bicol region of The Philippines

Filipinos will never leave behind the celebration of cultures and traditions regardless of the onslaught of technology and modernity nowadays.  These events show how the Filipinos love and preserve their culture, and at the same time, embracing the progressive modernity of the world. This great mix is why The Philippines is such a beautiful and amazing place to visit.

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