Reducing The Cost Of Your Holiday

Reducing The Cost Of Your Holiday Is Not An Urban Legend!

Travelling is becoming an increasingly expensive activity, especially given the fact that the cost of fuel and other similar commodities is going up. For the average tourist, this means that one has to try to find ways of reducing the cost of travelling in order to avoid having to spend too much money on the same.

Fortunately, this is not very difficult to do. You can easily ensure that you do not end up having an expensive trip, while still making sure that it is more than worthwhile in the end. Well, it can be said that you will only need to think about a few issues such as:

Doing your bookings early

The greater majority of institutions such as hotels will give you a discount if you book for them early. You can take advantage of this to reduce the chances of having to pay too much for things such as accommodation and travel. Of course, this means that you have to be very sure about when you are travelling so that you do not end up paying for such services and then finding out that you cannot use them after all.
Staying with friends and family

If you are going to visit a new area where your friends and family members are, you can also try to stay with them. This is usually much cheaper than staying in a hotel, and is sometimes more comfortable as well. Of course, you need to conform to the social norms when you decide to do this. For instance, you should try to find out if they can accommodate you in advance; simply showing up is normally not in good taste. It may also be a good idea to give information about details such as how long you are going to stay, and how many there are in your party. This will make it much easier for the other family to know what to expect.

Comparing services from different providers

The ultimate way to save when travelling is by making sure that you compare the rates provided by different service providers, and then picking the cheapest. For instance, if you are looking for a car you can hire, you need to go through listings to find out which companies can provide such a service, and then pick the one that seems to be most affordable. Granted, this is a process that takes time, even if you are doing it online. However, there are many times when you will come across deals so good that having to go through such motions will be well worth it. It is best to do such comparison early, so that you have the time to compare the pros and cons of each so that you can choose the best.

Talk to people in the know

When you are going to visit a new country and are trying to find ways of saving on the cost of the trip, it is normally a good idea to try to find someone who has been there before and then asking them for details on how you can do this. For instance, you can talk to a few friends or family members who have been there before, and they will give you tips on what to do. You could also decide to visit tourism forums online and then pose questions about what you need to know. This is a good way of getting such information since you will be getting it from a large number of people who have a lot of experience.
If possible, use loyalty programs
There are many loyalty programs that you can use to reduce the cost of touring a particular area. For instance, if you have a frequent flyer card that has many miles on it, you can redeem them for an extra ticket and thus save yourself the cost of getting one. Some credit companies will also give you discounts when you use it to pay for different kinds of goods and services, such as hotel accommodation. If yours has this facility, you can use it in this manner to reduce the cost of getting the service.

These are just a few of the ways in which anyone can reduce the cost of visiting a new country. There are many more that you can take advantage of, but the above are particularly potent.

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Tokyo, Japan: Future and Past Combined

Enter a world filled with steep ancient traditions and fast pace technology and pop-culture. Tokyo, Japan, is a land mixed with old and new. Japan is one of the leaders in technology. From video games to biomedical research, Japan seems to be a place out of the future. Travelers to Tokyo will be mesmerized one minute by the dazzling bright lights of the city centers and awed the next minute by the beauty of the ancient culture.


Chiyoda is home to the Imperial Palace where travelers might forget the giant buildings and advanced technology for a moment. The Imperial Palace area is much more country and rural than some other parts of Tokyo. Offering green landscapes and beautiful waters and ancient Japanese architecture, it is something that will let travelers feel close to nature.

Only a little ways away from that peaceful nature of the Imperial Palace is Akihabara in Chiyoda. Akihabara is a technology junkies dream. It has thousands of stores that sell all kinds of gadgets that might seem right out of a science fiction movie.


Just like with Chiyoda, Chuo is a place with drastic differences as well. Firstly, travelers to Chuo can check out the Tsukiji Fish Market. The Tsukiji Fish Market is no ordinary market. 1600 stalls line the area, selling many different types of sea creatures. The market is open air, so the creatures are out in the open like a garden of bizarre sea creatures. The area is usually slippery with bloody sea water and the smell of fish and sea water fills the air. It is no place for anyone squeamish.

Also in Chuo but far different than a fish market, is the Ginza. The Ginza means silver mint and with good reason. It is an area filled with expensive fashion and restaurants. The Ginza is definitely the right place for visitors looking for class and culture. It offer high end boutiques, art galleries, and during Christmas, the streets and trees are illuminated with bright lights to captivate viewer.


Shinjuku is where many luxury hotels reside in Tokyo. It is filled with giant, futuristic skyscrapers and electronic billboards that light up the city at night. However, as with much of the districts in Japan, it also offers wonderful natural beauty. The Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is a public garden. During the spring, people travel to this garden to view the beautiful cherry blossoms covering the trees like a pink snow.
Shinjuku is also home to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Center. These two buildings tower above the street, making anyone looking up a little dizzy. However, the real reason to see this building is on the 45th floor. The twin observatories give wonderful views of Tokyo. The breathtaking view of the city will let visitors really compare the ancient beauty and the modern technology of the city.


Shibuya is another area filled with shops and restaurants, but they are not as expensive or high end as in the Ginza. Many younger people like to spend time in Shibuya. It also encompasses Harajuku, the place for young people to show off their fashion. On Sundays, young people go to Harajuku to spend the day. Many of the people are dressed in outrageous fashion. From Gothic Lolita to rockability and everything in between, Japanese youths line the street to hang out with friends and hope that their cutting edge fashion might get them a picture by one of the magazine photographers who also spend time in Harajuku.

 There are many shrines in Japan, but the grandest in Tokyo is the Meiji Shrine in Shibuya. A winding path under a large torii gate leads to this shrine. Many couples choose to get married at the shrine. On New Year’s Eve, the shrine is packed with people to celebrate, many choose to wear traditional kimonos.


Tokyo is definitely a world of old and new. Visiting Tokyo is like visiting the ancient past one minute and then the future the next minute. The mixture of natural and ancient beauty and futuristic technology makes it a place worth experiencing first hand.

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Super Clubs in Magaluf

When you hear the word ‘Magaluf’, the first image to enter your head is the bright lights and strobes of a packed dance floor. Hardcore clubbers flock from all over the world to dance their holiday away in the world-class clubs situated in Majorca’s liveliest resort. Major DJs such as Judge Jules, Greg James and DJ Sammy frequently storm the club circuit, and it’s this reason Magaluf maintains the status of one of the top places in the world to go clubbing.

Below are three of the super clubs you’re bound to see the big names hitting throughout the summer.

BCM Planet Dance

The four BCM Planet venues are situated in the heart of Magaluf and comprise of the main floor, BCM Millennium and the BCM Boat Party. The hottest DJs in Europe play to explosive light shows, a combination making BCM one of the world’s leading clubs. The main floor is where the action is, where the famous BCM laser show is backed up by an incredible light and sound system. If you are hardcore, you won’t miss out on this venue’s foam parties either.

The Office

The Office is Magaluf's only free entry nightclub and stays open until 6am every night of the week, ensuring no day passes without providing any clubbing action. Here you’ll find massive electro beats and banging house action brought to you by resident DJs, Bobby Garcia and Jay C and Chris E Warin. There are also special nights, including the talents of Rich e Rich, Willow and many more. A great club for all round entertainment.


Boomerang Nightclub can be found along the thumping strip in the heart of Magaluf. Over the decade, Boomerang has grown to be one of the top billed venues in Magaluf, playing host to a wide variety of entertainment including performers, DJs and promoters such as FHM, Shola Ama, Twice As Nice and DJ Spoony.

Magaluf is like an adult’s Disneyland, home to endless bars and clubs, so if you’re a hardcore clubber and want to revel in what this amazing place has to offer, book your flights to Magaluf and don’t look back.
So get your self a great trip to Magaluf and get out there for some hardcore clubbing experinces - see you on the dance floor.

Luxury Top End Hotels

For every holiday experience and every budget, there is usually a hotel to accommodate. From traditional dwellings, sprawling manors to even underwater marvels, the choice is daunting.

Here are three top end hotels to suit very different requirements:-

For foodies

Wynn Hotel; Las Vegas, USA

With over 20 bars and restaurants from casual to fine dining to even vegan, the luxury Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas really is a gourmand’s paradise! The range of options runs from sushi to Chinese, steak to seafood – an amazing array of choice for the foodie. Many of its establishments are multiple award winners for both food and design – Wazuzu even has a 27ft-long crystal dragon on the wall! With top chefs preparing your food daily, these gastronomic treats will appeal to any aficionado of food and drink.

Morocco For luxury

Mamounia Hotel; Marrakech, Morocco

After a three year refurbishment, La Mamounia Hotel has reopened as the absolute pinnacle of luxury. Stylish, charming and set in beautiful royal gardens, this palace boasts a fabulous twist of both modern and traditional elements. It is no surprise that Winston Churchill insisted on staying here! Located centrally in the Medina area, it’s worth a visit for a cocktail if your budget precludes you from an actual stay. The hotel also provides several quintessentially Moroccan experiences including guided tours of the city and helicopter rides over the Atlas Mountains. A great hotel that reflects the magical soul of the Red City!

For spa

Evason Hua Hin; Pranburi, Thailand

The Six Senses Earth Spa at the Evason Hua Hin is set in a serene environment around thatched pavilions, calming water pools and lush vegetation.

Offering locally-inspired treatments, the resort brings a new dimension to holistic wellness in a natural eco-friendly environment. Whichever ‘feel-good’ therapy you choose, you will leave feeling revitalised and rejuvenated. Spend a day or a week; you will leave on cloud nine having experienced relaxation at its best! Bliss!

Magayon Festival

On of the most interesting and fabulous festivals in the Philippines has to be the Magayon Festival.  This popular festival is held once a year in May, in the Bicol region of The Philippines.  The name of the festival comes from the Bicolano word “magayon” which means “beautiful.” This festival really is a festival of “beauty” as we will explain later about the beauty pageant that is held in this festival. This celebration is commemorated in honor of Nuestra SeƱora de la Porteria, the patron saint of Daraga and aims to celebrate the historical, religious and cultural life of the people in Daraga, Albay.

Magayon Festival is recognized as the oldest festival in The Philippines and features cultural events, dances, sports and business trade fairs. This is a great avenue for promoting the local products and attractions found in Albay as well as enriching the culture of the people in the city. If ever you're lucky enough to visit the Magayon Festival be sure to bring back some gifts for your family and friends as there is always some great items on display during the festival. One of the highlights of the festival is the reenactment of the tragic love story of the beautiful maiden named Daragang Magayon and her lover Panganoron.  According to the legend, their tragic death gave birth to the volcano in Albay called “Mount Mayon”.

The Legend of Mount Mayon

The legend of Mount Mayon plays a very important part in the celebration of Magayon Festival.  It talks about a tragic love story of the most beautiful maiden of her time in the Kabikolan named Daragang Magayon and Panganoron, a tagalog warrior.  According to the legend, their fate ended in the death of both the star-crossed lovers hence giving birth to Mayon Volcano.   Also, the legend continues by telling us that the clouds and the rains that often visit the volcano is believed to be the spirit of Panganoron.  The rolling rocks and scary sound of the earthquake is believed to be the spirit of Paratuga, the jealous and selfish suitor of Daragang Magayon.

Magayon Festival easily Albay’s most important festivity and the locals invite tourists both local and international to explore the beauty, mystery and magic the city of Albay brings.  The festival has more than 100 events featuring arts, culture, food, sports and trade. Not to mention the natural attractions in and surrounding the city like the majestic Mount Mayon and the Casgawa Ruins.

Among the newest additions of the event is the dramatization of the legend of Mount Mayon by famous actors and actresses.  The festivity highlights the beauty pageant for the “Mutya ng Magayon Festival” where you can find the most beautiful ladies in the city. The contest is also often hosted by popular actors and hosts from the Philippine movie industry.  Another highlight is the selection of Ginoong Magayon Festival which is the endless display of handsome male candidates all competing for the title.  The winner of Ginoong Magayon is often paired with Mutya ng Magayon; the two winners are then paraded during the opening ceremonies of the festivity. It is a great honour to win either one of these beauty pageant’s in the Bicol region of The Philippines

Filipinos will never leave behind the celebration of cultures and traditions regardless of the onslaught of technology and modernity nowadays.  These events show how the Filipinos love and preserve their culture, and at the same time, embracing the progressive modernity of the world. This great mix is why The Philippines is such a beautiful and amazing place to visit.

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