Tallin - A Jump Back in Time

The charm of Tallinn is a city projected into the future, but animated by an ancient heart. The largest historic district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a dip into the Middle Ages. The towers and walls two kilometers of guard houses with red roofs, pointed, cobbled streets, wrought iron street lamps, the atmosphere of centuries. In the large central square Raekoja Plats, or Town Hall Square, overlooking the Gothic Town Hall and Municipal Pharmacy, which boasts the world record for longevity (opened since 1422) and preserves one-room museum with furnishings and objects from the early days .

 The square is a bit 'the living city, especially lively in the summer when it is filled with tables of bars and restaurants. Among these is the Kaerajaan, where the table is the modern Estonian cuisine, which revisits the tradition experimenting with new combinations, as well as in neighboring Restoran Ribe where the menu is sophisticated and great service. Just around the corner of the square you can find the most popular restaurant for tourists in search of ancient atmospheres and flavors, the Olde Hansa. From the inner penumbra, the light of candles emerge wooden tables around which roam hostesses dressed as eight centuries ago and some (fake) monaco wrapped in sackcloth. The beer flows freely to accompany sausages bear, wild boar, moose and rabbit roast, smoked salmon.

Other restaurants of note are Cafe Boulevard and Senso which claims that with a Mediterranean feel, the variety in the menu is as astonishing as the prices.  These two restaurants can be found at the Hotel Ol├╝mpia which is one of two Radisson Blu hotels in Tallinn