Flight Cancellations Help Heathrow Run Smoothly During the Strike

 Source: Heathrow Skyport

Dozens of planned cancellations from airlines helped Heathrow deliver normal operations, reports the Heathrow Skyport:

BAA's contingency plans requested carriers to halve the number of passengers on flights landing at Heathrow as well as cancel flights, which resulted in 33 services being called off.

Airlines including Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways withdrew numerous services from operations and rebooked passengers on alternative flights before and after the one-day industrial action, which involved immigrations and customs staff.

Three Etihad flights were cancelled to spare the airline's customers from the predicted disruption and long delays in waiting to clear immigration, which were expected to take up to 12 hours.

Of these, two were inbound services from Abu Dhabi and one outbound from Heathrow.
Etihad said guests booked on these flights were being rebooked onto alternative flights.

Also at the request of BAA, the airline operated reduced passenger capacity on flight EY011 from Abu Dhabi to Heathrow on Wednesday.

Emirates stopped two flights, one inbound to Heathrow and a return flight to Dubai.
The article continued...
With these type of cancellations, crowds at the airport were heavily reduced as thousands of passengers were prevented from flying into and out of Heathrow, resulting in a strangely quiet and empty airport, shorter queues and happier travellers.

Other airlines including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and United Airlines operated a full schedule.

A BAA spokesman said: "Due to the effective contingency plans we put in place with airlines and the UK Border Agency, immigration queues were running at normal levels throughout the day.

"We are expecting Thursday to be busier than usual and we have put extra customer services staff on standby to support passengers."
In fact, in my region, when a news reporter went to the airport to guage passenger reactions, most that travelled seemed to be fairly happy.

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