Italy's First Park Inn by Radisson Opening Soon

Airlines and Destinations reports on the opening on the first Park Inn by Radisson Hotel in Italy:-

Rezidor has reached agreement with Luigi Simari, the owner of the Grand Hotel Milan Malpensa, to have the hotel re-branded as the Park Inn by Radisson Milan Malpensa.

The property, which features 138 rooms, is 10 minutes from Milan Malpensa Airport and has easy access to nearby businesses and Milan’s exhibition centers, according to Rezidor Hotel Group.
Rezidor does have other Radisson Blu hotels in Italy, such as the Radisson Blu es. Hotel in Rome, but this is the first of the mid-range Park Inn hotels in the country.
“We are delighted to bring our dynamic mid-market brand Park Inn by Radisson to Italy,” says Kurt Ritter, President and CEO of Rezidor. “We also further strengthen our position as one of Europe’s largest airport hotel operators – with now over 8,400 rooms in operation and under development and a portfolio which includes major hubs like London Heathrow, Amsterdam Schiphol and Frankfurt.”

“I’m very honoured to take part in this great project. The first Italian Park Inn by Radisson hotel will offer high standards,” says Simari. “Customers will be interested in staying at our hotel for two main reasons: the important and well-known brand and the closeness to the international airport of Milan Malpensa.”

The Park Inn hotel is going to be situated close to the Milan Malpensa airport, the second busiest airport in Italy, behind Rome Fiumicino and among the top 25 airports in Europe.

Road Traffic Accident Advice from Shoosmiths

Some advice on how Shoosmiths can help in the event of a road traffic accident. The extent of Police involvement varies according to the severity of the collision.

15 Things You Should Take Care of While Planning Your Travel

Traveling is great fun but nothing beats the excitement of preparing for your travel, especially if the whole family is involved. Still, it’s in the planning stage that you must not go wrong, if you want to enjoy your travel. It’s not all just about what to pack and what to take.

Make A Travel Questionnaire

Determine the basic travel parameters; list out all the questions in your mind. Do you have a travel budget? Do you know how long you’ll be traveling? What are your food needs and how many rooms do you need to book for stay? Do you need family or individual travel insurance?

Evaluate Airport Security Parameters

Read up on the airport security parameters in your home country, for both national and international airports. Plan your luggage detail, arrival and departure according to security measures and the time you’ll have to spend at security and checkin counters.

Consider Destination Weather

Traveling in the peak of summer is tough, especially if you are taking your kids. Consider the ideal weather conditions in which to travel depending on your mode of travel as well. For example, if you are traveling by car, you’ll want to travel in early spring or summer, but definitely avoid monsoon and winter seasons.

Check For Off-Season Travel Rates

Consider traveling to a summery location during the winter so that you benefit from off-season hotel rates. In reverse, you can visit places like Aspen in the summer, enjoy skiing and still escape seasonal costs since Aspen is crowded during winter.

Reduce Your Luggage

Consider buying cheap clothing at thrift stores at your destination and take less luggage when you travel. Not only will this save you from being penalized by the airline, but you’ll have less worry about luggage loss. Always make sure you keep all your money, valuables, papers and medical necessities in a small carryon bag.

Set Up Your Travel Itinerary

Write down a travel plan for each day of your travel, such as what attractions to see, available local transports, where to board buses and trains and similar details. Optimize on accommodation costs by staying at least two nights, and schedule enough time to enjoy each location.

Obtain The Cheapest Airfare

First, check out every possible airfare bargaining and bidding site for the least airfare. You may have to be flexible about your travel dates, check out fares if you use alternate airports and so on.

Consider Alternative Accommodations

Think of hostels, home stays, apartment rentals and so on. You can even explore the idea of hiring an RV and traveling to other locations. Plan your alternative accommodations for comfort, savings, flexibility and availability of entertainment for children.

Explore Medical Facilities

Does your present health insurance cover emergency treatments at destination? Does the destination have quality hospitals and healthcare? These are important considerations, especially if you have existing health issues and if you’re taking kids along.

Consider Communication Requirements

Check if your destination has adequate communication facilities, such as international phone service, internet availability and so on. With the threat of global extremism, you must ensure your communication needs while traveling.

Consider Passport, Visa And Travel Regulations

Check with your local authorities if you’re eligible to travel to the region. Is your passport sufficient, or do you need a visa for travel? Are there any specific restrictions for travel to the specific region, such as religious prosecution and so on? Are there any limitations on visa sanctions?

Consider Food Limitations

Check if your destination has eateries that serve food you’re familiar with. Document your food allergies and sensitivities and keep the list all the time. Food is a very important consideration, especially if you are prone to food sensitivity and if you are traveling with kids.

Plan Things You Need To Take

Will you requiring a winter wardrobe, beachwear, casual clothing and perhaps a formal outfit or two? Study your planned activities, destination climatic conditions, local cultural restrictions, dos, don’ts, available amenities and so on. Determine if you need to take medications, first aid items, baby car seat for the airplane, baby backpacks and so on for your travel.

Consider Safety

Terrorism is a global threat; travelers have to exercise greater care than ever.  Before you make your plans, find out if your destination has local embassy of your home land. If not, check with your local authorities if it’s safe to travel to that particular region.

Study Traveler Laws

Some nations have some strange laws in place that pertain only to travelers. You can get a list of these rules from your local government authorities. For example, in the UK, children under the age of 10 are not allowed to stare at naked mannequins.

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