World Wide Wonders

Many thanks to Elena Price for this guest post about fabulous places to visit.  Elena is a keen traveller and contributes to various blogs as well as creating content for Etihad Airways.

The greatest places to visit on the planet have to be seen to be believed. Soaring peaks, majestic vistas, mysterious cultures and antique lands – no matter what type of traveller you are, there is an adventure out there just waiting for you!

And to give you some inspiration for that next great holiday, the Travelling Times team has put together a list of fantastic opportunities!

Born free? Go on safari in Kenya:

If you’ve ever considered visiting Africa, then Kenya should not be missed! It has one of the world's premier safari experiences boasting an impressive variety and concentration of wildlife which draws tourists from around the globe.

Getting up close and personal? Meet the Moai of Easter Island:

This remote, magical place in the South Pacific is famed for its rows of statues with their disproportionate heads that ring the island. Believed to be memorials to honoured ancestors and carved from compressed volcanic ash, they are a true Polynesian wonder!

Reaching for the skies? Take a balloon ride over Cappadocia:

This region of Turkey is well known as one of the best places in the world to sail over in a hot air balloon in order to admire spectacular, surreal landscapes. With towering rock spires, high plateaus and the huge volcanic peak of Mt Erciyes, this one will take your breath away!

Escaping the rat race? Go camping in the Gobi Desert:

The antidote to urban stress has to be a trip into the sands of Mongolia and one of the world's great deserts. You’re guaranteed to find peace and tranquillity here, among the dunes and steppes of this austere and historic region. See picture

Want to dream the impossible dream? See the Aurora Borealis in Iceland:

The Aurora Borealis, also called the Northern Lights, is one of the most spectacular natural shows on Earth. Better the further north you go, Iceland is regarded as one of the best places to see it from. Choose a clear, crisp night for the best viewing and marvel at the lights that touch the heavens! See picture

Seeking a lost empire? Explore the beauty of Angkor Wat:

The largest single religion temple complex in the world, Angkor Wat represents the epitome of the high classical style of Khmer architecture. Built in the 12th century and dedicated first to Hinduism and then Buddhism, the whole site paints a rich picture of Cambodian history!

Not just a walk in the park? Trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu:

The Inca Trail is Peru's best known hike, wending its way through a stunning mix of mountain scenery, lush cloud-forest and rich subtropical jungle as it passes Incan ruins on the climb to the Sun Gate of Machu Picchu mountain. Once there, you can gaze across the marvel of this ancient Incan royal residence

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