Cruising to Bali

 Princess Cruises has 35 embarkation ports and hundreds of port calls. There will always be a place for you to visit wherever in the world. If you have been planning on a holiday trip, you will have the chance to choose a destination suited for you and your budget. You can choose to book for a week’s travel or as long as you want. You will have the chance to experience fine dining and dining options to match your mood. There are also lots specialty restaurants in the ship where you can choose from. Traditional dining or anytime is also available along with casual dining options and balcony dining.

If you are planning to take Princess Cruises and embark on a Bali tour, you will be able to find Bali holiday packages available to meet your budget while you experience enjoyment, pleasure and luxury. You can take a time off a spa and relax with a soothing massage in Bali. Beauty treatments are also available alongside with the spa experience which ranges from US$50-US$80. You can also enjoy Scuba Diving offered in numerous PADI accredited companies. There are other water sports that you can also enjoy while stopping over Bali. You will be able to find other adventure tours offered in your Bali holiday packages where you can unwind and spend your holiday worthwhile. A cruise stopover in the island of Bali is best for you and your family or friends to experience a getaway from your daily busy lives.

Bali is an Indonesian island lying between Java to west and Lombok to the east. If you are going on a vacation trip, you will be able to enjoy Bali holiday packageswhich include shopping, surfing, Bali adventure trips and a lot more. As a shopping paradise, Bali has a lot of shopping malls and stores in the Kuta area. You will be able to find souvenir items and perfect giveaways which you can bring home to friends and loved ones. Throughout the Ubud area, you will be able to find a lot of paintings which vary in sizes. You can purchase one and bring home for decorative purposes. You can also try surfing in the beaches of Bali near Uluwatu and West Coast North of Canggu. There are also several Bali holiday packages which include adventure trips in different locations in Bali.

When planning a vacation, you can opt for a cruise around Asia. You can embark on a trip with Princess Cruises where you get to experience intimate and personal feelings while on a large fleet. Since every fleet is spaciously designed to give you comfort in public places and balcony staterooms. You will also get the chance to socialize with other cruising passengers and exchange insights as you embark on your cruise. You will be able to feel the cold breeze in every fleet as you enjoy sunsets and off-shore activities in every stop. You will also get the chance to experience sailing in exotic places and popular destinations such as Bali and other locations in Asia.

Also if you are not fan of cruising and not afraid of flying, there is a great selection of cheap international flights to Bali for you to choose from.


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