Places to go in New York State

By Elena Price

So you’ve seen the Big Apple, but we all know that New York is as much a State as a city. So, what great treasures does the state itself have that the city just can’t compare to?

New York Sate Museum

One of the best things to see in New York State is the State Museum. The Museum houses some very fine examples that portray the history of the area very well. Some of its most interesting exhibitions are ones on the World Trade centre and on the beginnings of New York. There is also a very interesting exhibition on the emigrants who arrived and how and where they settled as well as a very informative exhibition on the Jews and the Holocaust.

The museum also has a selection of other artefacts, including Cohoes Mastodon, a working carousel from Cuba and Niagara Falls daredevil barrels used to cross the great waterfall. Run by the states department of education, it’s certainly a great place to visit with children.

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If you do visit New York State and end up in Albany a must see and a certainty to gather your awe is the New York State Capitol. The building took four decades to build and is one of the finest examples of 19th century architecture in all of the United States. Tours of the building are free and are definitely worth waiting for, if only to see the grandeur of the wood panelled rooms and the Million Dollar Staircase in the lobby.

Niagara Falls in upstate New York offers visitors the chance to see one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. The city of Niagara Falls shares its name and the natural wonder with the Canadian city of the same name. The two huge waterfalls combine to make the most powerful waterfalls in North America. The drop of up to 53m and a width of 790m ; as you can imagine, offers a great view and is a must see if in New York State. At peak times the fall pushes 202,000 cubic feet of water per second over the edge.

 People who love the great outdoors will be delighted to hear of Adirondack Park. The park which is a similar size in area to the state of Vermont is situated in the north east of the state and covers 6.1m acres.
It is home plenty of American animals, including the beaver, the moose, the lynx and osprey and there is a continuous effort being made to reintroduce animals and fauna lost during exploitation of natural recourses during the last few centuries. The area has 3,000 lakes and 30,000 miles of streams and is the largest trekking area in all of the United States. The park is a beautiful place and a great area to get some fresh air and see the beauty of the world.

A visit to the State of New York is a fantastic experience for its own reason and also as it takes the onus of the city and shows all the beauty and wonderment in the state itself.

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