Mountain Rescue

Stunning 360 photography shows a helicopter team during a mountain rescue.

Mountain rescue by Helicopter on Pineta in Europe


  1. I love going to the different places, and I also enjoy mountain climbing. It's just sad to know that this kind of tragedy can happen anytime. By the way, I'm currently in Thailand now, enjoying the beauty of Bangkok. I'm planning to book my schedule tonight. I'll be checking the different times of flights to Manila. I'll be heading to Malaysia next week.

  2. I love Trekking and mountain climbing. I also love beaches. One of my most unforgettable experiences was when I visited Phuket Thailand where I stayed in one of the Phuket villas. It was a very fun adventure. The place was nice and compelling. Anyway, it's sad to hear this kind of tragedy. It's good to know though that rescue teams are always there to rescue anyone in case of emergency.