The Attractions of Abu Dhabi

Attractions New & Old in Abu Dhabi

By Elena Price

Abu Dhabi represents an exciting and surprising destination blessed with gorgeous weather and a wide range of activities. Whether you are looking for sporting, cultural or entertaining things to do there is plenty to keep you busy in the desert.  You can book flights to Abu Dhabi from London with Etihad Airways

Abu Dhabi is a city of contrasts; on one hand you have many traditional buildings constructed using Arabic styles such as the Grand Mosque and the other is the modern, futuristic Abu Dhabi. Its foreshore, the Corniche runs for 6 km along the city’s coast and is populated with plenty of green parklands, fountains and outdoor caf├ęs where people take a rest from the desert heat and enjoy the views.

This is a popular area and houses a replica desert oasis, the heritage village and modern air-conditioned Marina Mall, shopping centre. There is also the rambling expanse of the beach, which for a small entrance fee you can gain access to the shaded umbrellas and soft warm sand.

Ferrari World - Ferrari Rossa Roller Coaster

One of the newest attractions in Abu Dhabi has been built on the excitement generated by hosting the Etihad Airways 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The Ferrari World experience “Formula Rossa” is the fastest roller coaster ride on the planet and you reach 240 km per hour at some points.

Here's a video about the Ferrari Rossa to show more...

There are a number of 3D and virtual rides as well where you get to try out driving with the stars and taking a virtual trip around Italy. The Ferrari World site also possesses the largest collection of Ferraris outside the company’s home at Maranello.

There are a number of tour operators and you can sample the fun of taking a desert safari in a 4x4 and have a go at dune skiing. You can enjoy yourself on a canoeing trip around the nearby mangrove swamps or take a helicopter or light aircraft flights across the breathtaking landscape. Why not try exploring the areas waterways, coastline and islands in a speedboat, or a luxury sea cruiser, while the big bus offer tours around the city.

Around Abu Dhabi you will also find many examples of local traditions, craft and cultural expression. There are many curios shops and galleries brimming with locally produced embroidery work, pottery, woven shawls and handmade baskets. Competitions and exhibitions are a regular feature to show off the traditional skills and ancestral arts that have been passed down through the centuries.

Gallery One and the Folklore Gallery are two excellent places to visit and see the diversity and skills the people of the United Arab Emirates have. The Barakat Gallery specialises in art from around the world and in its collection has pieces from China, Africa, Greece and Rome. It also includes many different items such as coins, sculptures, jewellery and ancient pottery.

One of the greatest collections can be found at the Al Ain National Museum, this is part of the fort of Sultan Bin Zayed at the oasis of Al Ain. Here you can see many items found in the Hili Gardens nearby, along with collections of daggers, swords and a golden palm. This is also the location for the Al Ain Palace Museum, which holds the vast collection of artefacts and treasures collected by the ruling family over many years.

Abu Dhabi airport is the hub for Etihad Airways, the national Airline of the UAE, who proudly boast that they have not only flights from Abu Dhabi to London but all these world wide destinations.  Abu Dhabi airport also serves nearby Dubai

Motorbike Touring in Europe - Things to Remember

Motorcycle Touring Europe

A motorbike tour of Europe should be a fun packed thrilling experience. However, your trip could be spoiled if you're not aware of the local rules of the road.

It is likely that you will not fully understand road signs in mainland Europe and even if the following "Dream Ride" video did become reality you might still misunderstand soem of the warnings.

Essential things ever biker should take abroad
  • your passport
  • a valid driving licence (not provisional), with paper counterpart if you have a photocard licence
  • the original vehicle registration documenty
  • our motor insurance certificate
  • an International Driving Permit (if necessary)

Suppose you have an accident.

One of the frequently asked  questions to the team of solicitors in Access Legal's personal claim department is what should I do if I have a motorbike accident abroad?

Their advice is to contact specialist solicitors such as them so that they can asess if you could claim compensation for injury or loss whilst abroad

Before 2008 most claims had to be pursued in the country where the accident happened, but now many more road traffic accident claims can be brought in the UK Courts for accidents abroad

In the event you have an accident abroad it is strongly recommended that you consult a specialist solicitor who has experience of dealing with claims for motorbike accidents

General tips for getting the most from motorcycling abroad

The wearing of crash helmets is compulsory for both the rider and passenger in all countries listed on this factsheet - motorcycling abroad guide which provides useful tips for motorcyclists intending to tour  around Europe.

Tips for safe comfortable air travel

Some Tips for air travellers form

Munching in Mumbai Restaurants

A Selection of Mumbai Restaurants:

If you are planning to visit Mumbai either on business or as part of a vacation it is likely that you have been apprehensive about the food you will find there. Seasoned travellers praise the abundant street food which is common fare for the citizens of this huge growing city.

According to this page - Flights to Mumbai on Etihad Airways it is the second largest city in India and is home to more than 14 million people. Situated on the west coast of India, the port is a magnet to people from all over the country, motivated by fame, fortune or the fast pace of life in this chaotic and fascinating city and as such offers an enormous range of indian cuisines.

In addition to the routes to Mumbai, Etihad also offer regular scheduled flights to India from Europe and Abu Dhabi serving airports in 8 cities including New Delhi and Bangalore

If you're not quite ready to try real street food, you can track down the lively and popular Indian chain, Kailash Parbat, which has branches across the city and serves up authentic Mumbai classics in slightly more sanitised surroundings – including the delicious pav bhaji (kind of toasted buns with a buttery vegetable mash) and ragda pattice (crisp potato cakes with chickpeas).

Moving up the price ladder, at the high end of the market Trishna is a small but well-respected restaurant tucked away along a narrow lane in the Kala Ghoda area of the city, where you might end up if you're visiting the district's art galleries. Trishna is considered by some food experts to be one of the finest seafood restaurants in the world, and is well known for its signature crab dish with garlic butter. It gets some pretty rave reviews, so for seafood lovers it's worth the splurge.

To feel like royalty, there's nowhere quite like the Taj Mahal Palace. It has played host to many Maharajas and Princes, and the staff there are so smart they could easily leave you feeling under-dressed even when you're donning all your finery. The hotel is a tourist attraction in itself, and something every tourist has to see and photograph. The restaurant is listed as Tripadvisor's number one in Mumbai, although it actually houses several different eateries under one roof – from the casual daytime poolside restaurant, Shamiana, and the semi-formal Masala Kraft Indian restaurant, to real 'fine dining' at the very formal Zodiac Grill, which dishes up creative French cuisine