Complimentary Giants of Golf tickets with Etihad Airways

Golf fans planning to attend the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship may consider flying to Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways as the two have partnered to offer guests of the airline free admission when they produce their boarding pass, reports Abu Dhabi city guide. The tournament is being held between January 26 - 29th and Etihad guests travelling in December or january qualify for the free admission offer:

German Martin Kaymer will be back to defend his title and will take on the top players in the world, including world number one Luke Donald, Major winners Charl Schwartzel (US Masters), Rory McIlroy (US Open) and Darren Clarke (British Open), along with former world number ones Lee Westwood and Tiger Woods.
Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways’ Chief Commercial Officer, said: “The Championship is now positioned as one of the leading sporting events in the Middle East and we are very pleased to be offering our guests the opportunity to see the game’s best players right on our own doorstep.
“With the incredible line-up the Championship organizers have announced, we are expecting a huge amount of interest in this promotion. The chance to see these players for free is no doubt going to be an offer too good to miss for many golf fans.”
The Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship is a European PGA Tour-sanctioned event, with a US$2.7 million prize fund on offer, making it the richest purse in the region.
Launching under ‘The GIANTS of golf are coming’, organizers have revealed an improved program of entertainment and events in the expanded Championship Village.
Peter German, Tournament Director praised Etihad's long time support of the event and hoped that their partnership would bring the event to a wider audience. Attendance in 2011 was up 20% on 2010 and it is hoped that 2012 will see record crowds on the National course at Abu Dhabi Golf Club.

Those that don't acquire tickets through the Etihad Airways promotion can get them through the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship official website as well as other places such as and Phone bookings can be made through the ITP toll-free hotline 800 4669, or for international visitors, +971 4 210 8943.

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Historical Holidays in St. Petersburg

Russia’s second largest city, St. Petersburg was once the center of imperial Russian culture. The “Venice of the North” is filled to the brim with gorgeously ornate décor, lavish architecture, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. With several world-class museums and art galleries to explore, St. Petersburg is a treat for the curious and cultured traveler.
Here are some of the best historical attractions to visit in the city:
City Centre

The Hermitage Museum

The amazing State Hermitage Museum is one of the largest and oldest museums in the entire world, as it was founded by Catherine the Great in 1764. Don’t try to take in the entire collection in one day, as there are three millions items! The impressive collection is housed within six historic buildings which are all spread along the Palace Embankment. Don’t miss the fascinating collection of Prehistoric Art which dates back all the way to artifacts from the Paleolithic Age which were excavated from all over Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Peter and Paul Fortress

This was the original citadel of the city, and was founded by Peter the Great in 1703. The church here is where nearly all of the Romanov Czars of Russia from Peter I to Alexander III have been buried, with the exception of Peter II. After you have viewed the historical buildings, in the summer you can relax on the sandy beaches underneath the fortress walls.

The Russian Museum

This is the largest collection of Russian fine art in St. Petersburg, and many of the halls retain the same Italianate décor that they had when it was an imperial residence. Strolling through these opulent interior palace halls is an experience that you will never forget. Be sure to also check out Saint Michael’s Castle which is a former royal residence also assigned to the Russian Museum and located in the historic centre of the city.
St Petersburg Hotel

Saint Issac’s Cathedral

This impressive cathedral took nearly 40 years to construct, and when it was completed in 1858 it was the tallest Eastern Orthodox Church in the world. As you enter inside this impressive building, look up at the 101.5 meter dome which is plated with pure gold. It is decorated by beautifully delicate angel sculptures, carved by the Austrian artist Josef Hermann Tautenhayn. This amazing building is extravagant, excessive, and truly a must-see during your stay in St. Petersburg.

If you are planning a city break to soak up the atmosphere of St. Petersburg, why not stay at the Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya? It is located in a prime position on the Gulf of Finland and places you right within walking distance of many of St. Petersburg’s most historical attractions. With so many beautiful buildings within such close proximity, the Park Inn Pribaltyskaya is the ideal located for a culture-soaked weekend getaway filled with museums, galleries, and strolls through historic St. Petersburg.

Flight Cancellations Help Heathrow Run Smoothly During the Strike

 Source: Heathrow Skyport

Dozens of planned cancellations from airlines helped Heathrow deliver normal operations, reports the Heathrow Skyport:

BAA's contingency plans requested carriers to halve the number of passengers on flights landing at Heathrow as well as cancel flights, which resulted in 33 services being called off.

Airlines including Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways withdrew numerous services from operations and rebooked passengers on alternative flights before and after the one-day industrial action, which involved immigrations and customs staff.

Three Etihad flights were cancelled to spare the airline's customers from the predicted disruption and long delays in waiting to clear immigration, which were expected to take up to 12 hours.

Of these, two were inbound services from Abu Dhabi and one outbound from Heathrow.
Etihad said guests booked on these flights were being rebooked onto alternative flights.

Also at the request of BAA, the airline operated reduced passenger capacity on flight EY011 from Abu Dhabi to Heathrow on Wednesday.

Emirates stopped two flights, one inbound to Heathrow and a return flight to Dubai.
The article continued...
With these type of cancellations, crowds at the airport were heavily reduced as thousands of passengers were prevented from flying into and out of Heathrow, resulting in a strangely quiet and empty airport, shorter queues and happier travellers.

Other airlines including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and United Airlines operated a full schedule.

A BAA spokesman said: "Due to the effective contingency plans we put in place with airlines and the UK Border Agency, immigration queues were running at normal levels throughout the day.

"We are expecting Thursday to be busier than usual and we have put extra customer services staff on standby to support passengers."
In fact, in my region, when a news reporter went to the airport to guage passenger reactions, most that travelled seemed to be fairly happy.

Italy's First Park Inn by Radisson Opening Soon

Airlines and Destinations reports on the opening on the first Park Inn by Radisson Hotel in Italy:-

Rezidor has reached agreement with Luigi Simari, the owner of the Grand Hotel Milan Malpensa, to have the hotel re-branded as the Park Inn by Radisson Milan Malpensa.

The property, which features 138 rooms, is 10 minutes from Milan Malpensa Airport and has easy access to nearby businesses and Milan’s exhibition centers, according to Rezidor Hotel Group.
Rezidor does have other Radisson Blu hotels in Italy, such as the Radisson Blu es. Hotel in Rome, but this is the first of the mid-range Park Inn hotels in the country.
“We are delighted to bring our dynamic mid-market brand Park Inn by Radisson to Italy,” says Kurt Ritter, President and CEO of Rezidor. “We also further strengthen our position as one of Europe’s largest airport hotel operators – with now over 8,400 rooms in operation and under development and a portfolio which includes major hubs like London Heathrow, Amsterdam Schiphol and Frankfurt.”

“I’m very honoured to take part in this great project. The first Italian Park Inn by Radisson hotel will offer high standards,” says Simari. “Customers will be interested in staying at our hotel for two main reasons: the important and well-known brand and the closeness to the international airport of Milan Malpensa.”

The Park Inn hotel is going to be situated close to the Milan Malpensa airport, the second busiest airport in Italy, behind Rome Fiumicino and among the top 25 airports in Europe.

Road Traffic Accident Advice from Shoosmiths

Some advice on how Shoosmiths can help in the event of a road traffic accident. The extent of Police involvement varies according to the severity of the collision.

15 Things You Should Take Care of While Planning Your Travel

Traveling is great fun but nothing beats the excitement of preparing for your travel, especially if the whole family is involved. Still, it’s in the planning stage that you must not go wrong, if you want to enjoy your travel. It’s not all just about what to pack and what to take.

Make A Travel Questionnaire

Determine the basic travel parameters; list out all the questions in your mind. Do you have a travel budget? Do you know how long you’ll be traveling? What are your food needs and how many rooms do you need to book for stay? Do you need family or individual travel insurance?

Evaluate Airport Security Parameters

Read up on the airport security parameters in your home country, for both national and international airports. Plan your luggage detail, arrival and departure according to security measures and the time you’ll have to spend at security and checkin counters.

Consider Destination Weather

Traveling in the peak of summer is tough, especially if you are taking your kids. Consider the ideal weather conditions in which to travel depending on your mode of travel as well. For example, if you are traveling by car, you’ll want to travel in early spring or summer, but definitely avoid monsoon and winter seasons.

Check For Off-Season Travel Rates

Consider traveling to a summery location during the winter so that you benefit from off-season hotel rates. In reverse, you can visit places like Aspen in the summer, enjoy skiing and still escape seasonal costs since Aspen is crowded during winter.

Reduce Your Luggage

Consider buying cheap clothing at thrift stores at your destination and take less luggage when you travel. Not only will this save you from being penalized by the airline, but you’ll have less worry about luggage loss. Always make sure you keep all your money, valuables, papers and medical necessities in a small carryon bag.

Set Up Your Travel Itinerary

Write down a travel plan for each day of your travel, such as what attractions to see, available local transports, where to board buses and trains and similar details. Optimize on accommodation costs by staying at least two nights, and schedule enough time to enjoy each location.

Obtain The Cheapest Airfare

First, check out every possible airfare bargaining and bidding site for the least airfare. You may have to be flexible about your travel dates, check out fares if you use alternate airports and so on.

Consider Alternative Accommodations

Think of hostels, home stays, apartment rentals and so on. You can even explore the idea of hiring an RV and traveling to other locations. Plan your alternative accommodations for comfort, savings, flexibility and availability of entertainment for children.

Explore Medical Facilities

Does your present health insurance cover emergency treatments at destination? Does the destination have quality hospitals and healthcare? These are important considerations, especially if you have existing health issues and if you’re taking kids along.

Consider Communication Requirements

Check if your destination has adequate communication facilities, such as international phone service, internet availability and so on. With the threat of global extremism, you must ensure your communication needs while traveling.

Consider Passport, Visa And Travel Regulations

Check with your local authorities if you’re eligible to travel to the region. Is your passport sufficient, or do you need a visa for travel? Are there any specific restrictions for travel to the specific region, such as religious prosecution and so on? Are there any limitations on visa sanctions?

Consider Food Limitations

Check if your destination has eateries that serve food you’re familiar with. Document your food allergies and sensitivities and keep the list all the time. Food is a very important consideration, especially if you are prone to food sensitivity and if you are traveling with kids.

Plan Things You Need To Take

Will you requiring a winter wardrobe, beachwear, casual clothing and perhaps a formal outfit or two? Study your planned activities, destination climatic conditions, local cultural restrictions, dos, don’ts, available amenities and so on. Determine if you need to take medications, first aid items, baby car seat for the airplane, baby backpacks and so on for your travel.

Consider Safety

Terrorism is a global threat; travelers have to exercise greater care than ever.  Before you make your plans, find out if your destination has local embassy of your home land. If not, check with your local authorities if it’s safe to travel to that particular region.

Study Traveler Laws

Some nations have some strange laws in place that pertain only to travelers. You can get a list of these rules from your local government authorities. For example, in the UK, children under the age of 10 are not allowed to stare at naked mannequins.

Teena works for a gift ideas company in Australia where you can shop for unique and thrilling experiences and gifts for men and women.

Why tourists visit Beirut

Reasons to be a tourist in Beirut

Beirut is a city at the centre of the ancient world with plenty still to show for it. So now is time to visit this beautiful, once war ravaged city and take part in lively and fun setting while appreciating its history and beauty.

Beirut stands at the cross roads of three continents, making it one of the most culture filled areas of the earth. Populated at different stages by cultures including the Greeks, the Romans and the Ottoman Turks, the city is smorgasbord of history.

Recently Beirut has been voted as one of the ‘Top 10 Liveliest Cities in the World’ by Lonely Planet. The city has been reconstructed after the devastating Lebanese civil war. The city, known as the Paris of the East, is certainly worth a trip for its aesthetic attractiveness alone.

Visiting Beirut had never been easier and recently Etihad published this page listing the various aiporrts that they fly from including  Manila, New York and Chicago

Beirut has a vast and varied history, situated at the centre of the ancient known world, there is still much evidence of many cultures that visited and stayed in the area of the port city.

One of the finest of the remaining archaeological examples is The Temples of Baalbek. Built by the Romans, this temple to the triad of Jupiter, Venus and Bacchus is seen as Lebanon’s greatest Roman treasure and a must see when in Beirut 

Walking through the city allows you to see evidence that remain from historic the occupations of the area. The renovated city centre is a beautiful place and best appreciated with a walking tour. The city is an amazing place and can be best seen on foot.

Jeita Grotto is a set of underground caverns beside the city that offer quite an experience. The karsts limestone landscape, which was inhabited in prehistoric times, was rediscovered in 1958. The caverns which are up to 60m in height are home to the world’s largest stalactite.

Visitors travel down an underground river to the caverns before having the chance to view the amazing caves. The Grotto is a source of pride for the Lebanon and one of the top tourist attractions in the country and a world renowned example of this type of landscape.

For a different type of landscape, visit Our Lady of Harris. The statue, built by the French, sits 650m above the town of Harissa and offers spectacular views of Beirut and the surrounding areas.

Travel to the top on and make the most of the view as it floats across the beautiful countryside. It’s also a place of tranquillity of those than want something a little quieter and pensive.

The Lebanese National Museum offers a collection of over 100,000 objects that showcase Beirut as the treasure it is. The museum, which was damaged during the war is one of the leading collections of Phoenician objects in the world. Besides this, it also holds a large collection of prehistoric, Greek, Roman and Arab artefacts.

Something not as expected in Beirut is Art, but there are 100s of galleries in the city. Creativity runs strong in Beirut and there is a wide selection of galleries to choose from.

Beirut is a wonderful example of a city that has gone through tough times to come well out the other side. It’s a shining beacon in the Middle East and one that deserves tourists to witness its wonders.

Win a Holiday for two with Yalago

Yalago, a flights and hotel search engine based in the Middle East have launched a competition to win a holiday for two.

*Please note that the competition is only available for UAE residents*

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Tickets Running Out

Tickets for the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix are getting low, in fact there is only around 4000 tickets left. These tickets are for the South Grandstand and the Marina Grandstand and can be purchased from, selected Etihad Airways shops, Virgin Megastores, Yas hotel, Ferrari World YMC kiosk and Yas Marina Welcome Centres.

Free Things to do in New York

New York 4 Free: 

Free big apple tour!

Who says NYC has to be expensive? The Big Apple Greeter programme pairs tourists with locals to show them around town. Your volunteer guide will give you an insider’s view of the city, perhaps taking you to their favourite burger joint or a cool new neighbourhood. There’s no charge, and your guide won’t ask for a tip either.

Free ferry!
The Staten Island Ferry treats 20 million passengers per year to glittering views of Manhattan’s skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty. That’s 50 iconic minutes of NYC for nowt.

Free Jazz and blues!
Arthur’s Tavern, a delightfully dog-eared spot in New York City’s West Village, has been hosting nightly New Orleans jazz and Chicago blues since 1937, and the same Dixieland jazz band since 1975. The cost to you: diddly squat.

Free cabaret!
For an evening of black-frocked, feathery singing with no cover charge, head to The Duplex in Greenwich Village – you just need to reserve your seat in advance and order at least two drinks

Free sangria!
On Sundays, the throbbing Upper West Side Latino restaurant Calle Ocho quenches customers’ thirst by offering an unlimited sangria bar with any meal. Call in advance for your reservation. And don’t make any plans for first thing Monday morning.

Free haircut!
You saw the Empire State on your first trip and the Statue of Liberty on the second. On your next visit to NYC take home a souvenir with a difference: a haircut. Sign up at and you’ll be a class dummy for the proficient students at the Bumble & Bumble University.

Free theatre!
Most small off-Broadway theatres use ushers who volunteer in return for free seats. But there’s one theatre on Broadway doing it too. Go to the box office to book your pew at the American Airlines Theatre (

Etihad Airways Expanding Staff Accommodation

Etihad Airways' expanding workforce is requiring more accommodation to be secured for them by the airline, reports The National :

"As part of our ongoing commitment to providing our staff with the best possible housing, we are always looking for opportunities in good locations within Abu Dhabi. At the moment, we are actively recruiting for staff - both UAE national and expatriate - to fill a wide variety of positions."
 The company is currently looking to secure apartments in Abu Dhabi in Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed City. The airline is continuing to grow, against the decline of the aviation industry as a whole.

With a regular influx of new luxury aircraft being delivered over the coming years, the company is also expanding its flight destinations, with increased flights to China in December and its first flights to the Maldives in November. By the year 2020, the fleet will have increased by 100 aircraft and the staff will triple to 27k employees.

Other Gulf airlines are also recruiting. Emirates Airline is planning to employ 80k workers over the next ten years and flydubai will recruit 600 pilots over the next four years to meet its needs.

Top 5 Theme Parks on the Gold Coast of Australia

The Gold Coast of Queensland is the one place every Australian child wants to go. It's not because of the warm, subtropical climate: there's plenty of sunshine everywhere in Australia. It's not because it's on the coast: most of Australia's population lives near a beautiful beach. It's because the Gold Coast is where the best theme parks in Australia are located. These are the top 5:

Every Australian child dreams of going to Dreamworld and most Australian parents are happy to oblige, because they want to go there, too. Dreamworld is home to the world famous (or infamous) Tower of Terror, the world's tallest and fastest thrill ride. If that's not enough of an adrenaline rush for you, you can freefall 38 storeys on the Giant Drop. The list of thrill rides goes on and on, but at some point, you're going to want to relax. While it might not sound relaxing, Tiger Island is home to some very happy and well cared for rare tigers. Watch them in action with their trainers or sit down and have your picture taken with one. As is there weren't enough waves in Australia already, Flowrider is an artificial wave pool and is a great way to cool off in between rides at Dreamworld.


Sea World
Sea World is so massive, many visitors spend their entire vacation in this Gold Coast theme park. Why wouldn't you, when the weather is so often perfect and there's nothing you want to do more than get wet?  You won't want to jump in the water when you explore the amazing Shark Bay and stare into the eyes of some of the world's most dangerous sharks, but you will get wet on the water slides in the Sea World Water Park Resort, should you decide to make that your Gold Coast accommodation. If you are not staying at the resort, don't worry: for a small surcharge, you can gain access to the water park. Both fun and educational, there's something for everyone at Sea World. If you think you have the stomach for it, try the 45 mile per hour Jet Rescue. Sitting inside your "jet ski", your mission is to rescue the sea lion trapped inside of the blowhole cave.

Sea World Gold Coast

Wet 'n' Wild Water World
If your main goal is to cool off and have fun at the same time, then Wet 'n' Wild Water World is what you and your family are looking for. Some of the water slides at this aquatic theme park are definitely not for the young ones. For example, riders on the Aqua Loop have been clocked at 45mph as they take the vertical free fall that starts the ride. From there, it is a twisting, death and gravity defying plummet to the bottom, where you will be deposited with a splash into the pool. Of course, there are plenty of slides and rides for the kids and those who prefer gentler thrills. Wet 'n' Wild Water World
now has a Flowrider, making it the second one in Australia. When you've had enough action, take a ride on the gentle River Rapids or a slow cruise around Calypso Bay.

Warner Brothers Movie World
The Gold Coast Warner Brothers Movie World is just about everything you could want in a theme park. For the little ones, Looney Tunes Village is a magical wonderland, while the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coast is just scary enough to leave them screaming with delight instead of terror. For older thrill seekers, there's the Superman Escape roller coast that reaches a speed of over 60mph in just two seconds flat and the Batwing Space Shot. Of course, Warner Brothers Movie World is not just rides. Other attractions include the Main Street Parade, the Hollywood Stunt Driver stunt show and the "What's Up, Rock?" Looney Tunes show for kids of all ages.

Whitewater World
Whitewater World is not just another aquatic theme park: it just may be the ultimate aquatic theme park. With so much competition in the area, they really had to pull out all the stops to make this one something extraordinary. They started by creating Wiggle Bay, a delightful mini-park just for the under-5s. Then they took things to extremes by putting together the Cave of Waves and the 4 foot high waves that rush out of it, racing over 50 yards to the shore. The Temple of Huey is Whitewater World's tribute to the Surf God, Huey. This and other surfing themed rides like the Green Room and the Rip are definitely not for the little ones and many adults will pause before they take them on, too.
Don't even think about spending less than a whole day at any of the Gold Coast's theme parks. The best plan is to find a central Gold Coast accommodation and stay awhile. You probably won't want to go to all of the theme parks, but choose one or two the whole family can agree on and go to those. You can always come back next year and try the others.

Rob Schneider writes for ‘Book It Now’ about popular holiday destinations around Australia. If planning a visit to the Gold Coast you will find a good range of Gold Coast Accommodation on ‘Book it Now’.

Things to Do in Lagos, Nigeria

Welcome to a fascinating world of chaos, where traffic jams swarm around tin shacks and live music streams out of local venues every night. Lagos, Nigeria is a massive and energetic centre of modern African life, and a fascinating place for the curious traveler to embark on an urban adventure.
Second only to Cairo in size within the continent of Africa, Lagos is a large and culturally important city and the financial powerhouse of Nigeria. According to the UN, by 2015 Lagos could become the third largest city in the world after Tokyo and Mumbai. Although the city struggles to match its infrastructure with the rapidly growing population, Lagos has a true sense of being alive. People from many different cultures live side by side in the non-stop action, and as you plunge into this strange and wonderful world you will have a travel experience you will never forget.

The Music Scene

Lagos is well known throughout Africa for its diverse music scene. It is a great place to see a live performance, and you will get a chance to hear many exotic styles of music such as highlife, fuji, Afrobeat, and juju.
To see some great live music in Lagos, keep your ear to the ground, get to know one of the locals, and ask them about which concerts are happening around the city.


While you are in Lagos, take a break from the chaos of the city for a while to relax in the hot African sunshine on one of the city’s beautiful beaches. There are more than a dozen beaches in and around Lagos to choose from.
At Lagos Bar Beach you will see both kinds of bars, the kind that you drink at as well as the sand bars that run along the coastline. It is the most popular inner city beach, and as a result it is often crowded, which might be desirable if a party atmosphere is your scene.
If you are looking for more of a quiet getaway, try Tarkwa Bay Beach which can be reached from the Tarzan Jetty by ferry. It is a safe and friendly beach for children, and has facilities for jet skiing and water skiing.
Even more secluded is Lighthouse Beach, where you have a chance of being the only person on the beach at times.


There are several interesting museums in Lagos where you can escape from the heat and learn a bit more about African history and culture. The Nigerian National Museum has quite an impressive collection of Nigerian art, including many beautiful statues and carvings. Lagos is also home to the Black Heritage Museum, which has artifacts and documents from the historic slave route that once ran through the region.
With so many things to see and do in Lagos Nigeria, a trip here will be an action packed adventure for the intrepid traveler, which will not soon be forgotten.


The Radisson Blu hotel chain is ever expanding its portfolio including future hotels in Nigeria. A stunning masterpiece styled by famous swedish hospitality designer, Christian Lundwall, the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lagos on Victoria Island is perfectly perched along the waterfront area of Victoria Island, the business hub of the city.

Cruising to Bali

 Princess Cruises has 35 embarkation ports and hundreds of port calls. There will always be a place for you to visit wherever in the world. If you have been planning on a holiday trip, you will have the chance to choose a destination suited for you and your budget. You can choose to book for a week’s travel or as long as you want. You will have the chance to experience fine dining and dining options to match your mood. There are also lots specialty restaurants in the ship where you can choose from. Traditional dining or anytime is also available along with casual dining options and balcony dining.

If you are planning to take Princess Cruises and embark on a Bali tour, you will be able to find Bali holiday packages available to meet your budget while you experience enjoyment, pleasure and luxury. You can take a time off a spa and relax with a soothing massage in Bali. Beauty treatments are also available alongside with the spa experience which ranges from US$50-US$80. You can also enjoy Scuba Diving offered in numerous PADI accredited companies. There are other water sports that you can also enjoy while stopping over Bali. You will be able to find other adventure tours offered in your Bali holiday packages where you can unwind and spend your holiday worthwhile. A cruise stopover in the island of Bali is best for you and your family or friends to experience a getaway from your daily busy lives.

Bali is an Indonesian island lying between Java to west and Lombok to the east. If you are going on a vacation trip, you will be able to enjoy Bali holiday packageswhich include shopping, surfing, Bali adventure trips and a lot more. As a shopping paradise, Bali has a lot of shopping malls and stores in the Kuta area. You will be able to find souvenir items and perfect giveaways which you can bring home to friends and loved ones. Throughout the Ubud area, you will be able to find a lot of paintings which vary in sizes. You can purchase one and bring home for decorative purposes. You can also try surfing in the beaches of Bali near Uluwatu and West Coast North of Canggu. There are also several Bali holiday packages which include adventure trips in different locations in Bali.

When planning a vacation, you can opt for a cruise around Asia. You can embark on a trip with Princess Cruises where you get to experience intimate and personal feelings while on a large fleet. Since every fleet is spaciously designed to give you comfort in public places and balcony staterooms. You will also get the chance to socialize with other cruising passengers and exchange insights as you embark on your cruise. You will be able to feel the cold breeze in every fleet as you enjoy sunsets and off-shore activities in every stop. You will also get the chance to experience sailing in exotic places and popular destinations such as Bali and other locations in Asia.

Also if you are not fan of cruising and not afraid of flying, there is a great selection of cheap international flights to Bali for you to choose from.

A Working Holiday

When I was asked if I would help a friend emigrate in exchange for a holiday in France, I accepted straight away. I really didn’t know what I had let myself in for. As the date approached I began to get a bit more of an inkling. Still, they say that a change is as good as a rest, plus it is always good to help out friends so I was still glad that I said that I would lend a hand.

The main challenge was the sheer amount of stuff that had to be moved. In addition to furniture and so on, my friend was taking his entire business with him. His business is books, and books are heavy. It rapidly became clear that this move would be a major operation, and that we would have to take a lot of care to stop something going wrong.

There were between ten and half a dozen of us working loading the stock into the truck at any one time. This involved moving a seemingly endless procession of heavy boxes down  two flights of stairs and then into the back of the lorry’s trailer. If this had been a commercial operation then somebody would certainly have had something to say about the safety of all this!

In total the lorry that had been hired could weigh no more than 40 tons when it went to the ferry. The driver was beginning to get concerned that this limit would be breached – certainly we all felt like we had moved many tons as London’s passersby looked at us sweaty men huffing and puffing in the August sunshine.

When the truck was loaded, that was far from being the end of the story. The next part was to be the workforce piling into a minibus and driving down to the south of France to convert the barn to take the books in preparation for the lorry’s arrival.

After the tunnel, the signs of tiredness began to show in my bookselling friend as we drove. Up and working hard for many hours, the danger of him nodding off at the wheel seemed very real.  Even as a passenger I was terrified of shutting my eyes in case I was asleep and could not keep the driver awake. Needless to say we were all very stiff when we finally arrived in our destination, so it was a happy coincidence one of this temporary workforce was a yoga teacher, and could lead us in some stretches.


Everything managed to pass of without any major kind of hitch. The most important thing was that nobody had got hurt. Sure we were taking care, and looking out for each other, but if I were doing this sort of work every day there is no doubt that I would have had to have had a long hard look at the working practices and conditions. Should I ever ditch my desk and take up cross continental removals as a career I think getting  NEBOSH training or some other kind of health and safety expertise would be high up on my list of priorities.

Fun Things to Do and See in New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful island country that is located near the south-western pacific ocean. Each year, millions of people from around the world visit this country for a vacation. There is no shortage of fun things to do in this country. New Zealand has numerous attractions and some of the most popular include: Christchurch Botanical Gardens, Auckland Zoo, Orana Wildlife Park and the Auckland Art Gallery.

Christchurch Botanical gardens is a place where a person can just relax and forget about the cares of the world. This attraction features some of the most beautiful plants in the world. The Christchurch Botanical gardens also includes several walking tracks. Another one of the great things about this attraction is that there is no admission charge.

New Zealand is known for having some of the most exotic animals in the world. Visitors can find many of these exotic animals at the Auckland Zoo. Monkeys and rhinos are just two of the many animals that people can see when they visit this zoo. Those who have school-aged children will also enjoy Auckland Zoo because it has several outreach programs that give children an opportunity to have fun while learning. This attraction is also free for children who are under 3.

The Orana Wildlife Park is a place where people can see some of the endangered species. Rhinos, Cheetahs and Giraffes are a few of the many species that are found in this park. People also have the opportunity to make to hand feed the animals. Additionally, there is also the option of having getting a private tour of Orana Wildlife Park. Children who are under the age of 4 are admitted for free.

New Zealand is also known for being a city that is filled with art and culture. People have the chance to view some of that beautiful art at the Auckland Art Gallery. This attraction was recently renovated to include several more exhibits. The Auckland Art Gallery also offers private tours, lectures and holiday programs. Admission is free for all ages.

New Zealand is a beautiful country that everyone should try to visit at least once in their lifetime. New Zealand holidays can be very expensive, but saving up money in advance will allow a person to make a visit to this country. Additionally, those who book in advance will be able to get cheap international flights.

World Wide Wonders

Many thanks to Elena Price for this guest post about fabulous places to visit.  Elena is a keen traveller and contributes to various blogs as well as creating content for Etihad Airways.

The greatest places to visit on the planet have to be seen to be believed. Soaring peaks, majestic vistas, mysterious cultures and antique lands – no matter what type of traveller you are, there is an adventure out there just waiting for you!

And to give you some inspiration for that next great holiday, the Travelling Times team has put together a list of fantastic opportunities!

Born free? Go on safari in Kenya:

If you’ve ever considered visiting Africa, then Kenya should not be missed! It has one of the world's premier safari experiences boasting an impressive variety and concentration of wildlife which draws tourists from around the globe.

Getting up close and personal? Meet the Moai of Easter Island:

This remote, magical place in the South Pacific is famed for its rows of statues with their disproportionate heads that ring the island. Believed to be memorials to honoured ancestors and carved from compressed volcanic ash, they are a true Polynesian wonder!

Reaching for the skies? Take a balloon ride over Cappadocia:

This region of Turkey is well known as one of the best places in the world to sail over in a hot air balloon in order to admire spectacular, surreal landscapes. With towering rock spires, high plateaus and the huge volcanic peak of Mt Erciyes, this one will take your breath away!

Escaping the rat race? Go camping in the Gobi Desert:

The antidote to urban stress has to be a trip into the sands of Mongolia and one of the world's great deserts. You’re guaranteed to find peace and tranquillity here, among the dunes and steppes of this austere and historic region. See picture

Want to dream the impossible dream? See the Aurora Borealis in Iceland:

The Aurora Borealis, also called the Northern Lights, is one of the most spectacular natural shows on Earth. Better the further north you go, Iceland is regarded as one of the best places to see it from. Choose a clear, crisp night for the best viewing and marvel at the lights that touch the heavens! See picture

Seeking a lost empire? Explore the beauty of Angkor Wat:

The largest single religion temple complex in the world, Angkor Wat represents the epitome of the high classical style of Khmer architecture. Built in the 12th century and dedicated first to Hinduism and then Buddhism, the whole site paints a rich picture of Cambodian history!

Not just a walk in the park? Trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu:

The Inca Trail is Peru's best known hike, wending its way through a stunning mix of mountain scenery, lush cloud-forest and rich subtropical jungle as it passes Incan ruins on the climb to the Sun Gate of Machu Picchu mountain. Once there, you can gaze across the marvel of this ancient Incan royal residence

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Things to Do in Cochin

Cochin is a major port city of India, and there is a lot for a traveller to discover in this bustling cosmopolitan destination. 

Cochin, also known as Kochi, is the cultural and financial centre for the state of Kerala in India. It has grown rapidly over the last couple of decades, and evolved into a world class tourist destination with a lot to offer the visitor. It is also situated ideally close to the equator, and surrounded by sea and mountains, gifting it with a moderate warm climate. 

If you are travelling through Cochin, you will easily be able to fill your itinerary with sightseeing, museums, parks, and other attractions. In fact, there are so many things to do in Cochin that your only problem will be trying to fit them all into your time there!

To get you started on your explorations of this action-packed Indian city, here are some ideas of what to do in Cochin:

·        See the Chinese fishing nets at Fort Kochi. 

The tall pillars of these strange, old-fashioned nets look like the long legs of shore birds as they lean outwards from the beach. These styles of Chinese fishing net are unique to the city of Cochin, and were brought here by traders from the court of Kublai Khan. Local fishermen still earn their living using these enormous contraptions that span the coastline from Fort Kochi to Vypeen. 

·        Eat fresh fish on the beach at sunset. 

Stroll along Fort Kochi beach and soak in the atmospheric setting, and sample some incredibly fresh seafood from the tiny coastal stalls along the way. 

·        Learn about the history of Kerala. 

The Museum of Kerala History has a 40 minute sound and light show that will tell you all you need to know about the interesting history of this region. 

·        Visit an eco-tourist village. 

In Cochin, you can visit Kambalangi Integrated Tourism Village, where you can experience the authentic rural culture of the native people of Kerala without disturbing their lifestyle. You can take a canoe ride through a mangrove forest and fish with the locals. You can also visit the Mastyafed Milky-Way Aqua-Tourist Village, which is a shrimp-farm where you can fish for your own fresh prawns and crab, as well as sunbathe, swim and partake in a sunset picnic cruise. 

·        Admire a beautiful temple. 

There are many gorgeous and tranquil places of worship in Cochin with beautiful architecture and religious art to enjoy. The Thrikkakara Temple in the only temple in India devoted to the Hindu deity Vamana, and if you visit during the Onam Festival you can watch some traditional performances and enjoy a feast. Another notable temple is the Tirumala Devaswom Temple which holds the second largest brass bell in Asia. 

·        Meet a friendly elephant.

The Kodanadu Elephant Training College is a place you will never forget. See the adorable baby elephants that live in the orphanage, which will likely play a ball game with you if you are so inclined.
This article merely scratches the surface of what there is to enjoy in Cochin, as there are plenty more adventures to be had. Go ahead and visit Cochin and see for yourself!

Getting There

Cochin International Airport is the largest airport in Kerala and one of the major gateways for all visitors to India. There are many international flights servicing this airport, especially during the tourist season. For example Etihad airways offer both direct flights to Cochin and flights to India.